Love Your Food

Food shouldn’t be boring and by choosing to fill your cupboards with a variety of fresh produce, you’ll have no problems when it comes to creating a diverse selection of tasty school lunch ideas for the kids.

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Making food fun.

Making a number of lunch box dishes doesn’t have to be a huge expense and inexpensive ingredients are readily available if you know where to look. For fresh ingredients, try and source a local farm shop or check to see if there is a weekly farmer’s market in your area.

Fresh food is not only beneficial to child health; it also tastes a great deal better than some of today’s packaged goods.

If you can, get the kids to help you prepare their lunches, this way you can ensure that they will eat everything on their plate or in their lunch box. If a child finds his or her packed lunch box a little boring, it’s likely they’ll not eat it. This is not only a waste, it also means they will lack energy throughout the remainder of the day.

It’s important to promote a good balanced diet and one that also tastes good. Encourage your children to try new dishes every now and again, and instead of opting for the traditional sandwich, side and drinks, create a variety of lunch box offerings.

When considering treats, try to steer clear of chocolate and cereal bars which are high in sugar and choose nuts, dried fruit and various other healthy treats instead. These will provide a slow release of energy – just what your busy little ones need when at school or out and about on a school trip.

It’s important for young children to stay hydrated throughout the day. Instead of just the one drink, pack their lunch box bag with a carton of juice and a bottle of water.

Aside from sandwiches, there are a number of fun lunch box foods available, such as a healthy salad with grilled chicken, a hearty soup in the winter or wraps filled with goat’s cheese, spinach and tomatoes.

If your kids are willing to be adventurous, it’s important to embrace this. It’s not uncommon for children to decide that they don’t like a food before they’ve even tried it; this doesn’t mean you should give up trying to get your little ones to be more daring when it comes to cuisine though. Persevere and you’ll reap the benefits.