Despicable Me Minions Fancy Dress

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Despicable Me Minion Dress-Up

Finally, in our week celebrating the Despicable Me Minions – Red Ted gets dressed up as one!! Yes, we made a simple Despicable  Me Minion costume that even Red Ted was happy with. He is not the “keenest of dresser uppers”, so we always have to come up with something that is fun,but let’s him also feel “normal”. So we harked back to our Wild Things Masks and made a Minion Mask – these also make great No Sew Halloween Costumes! It was great to get the kids involved in the painting and the final mask looked great! As you can imagine a Minion Dress up WAS a bit challenging, but we were super happy with this…

This is the final of the three Video Craft Challenges set to us by Universal – first we looked at Minion Finger Puppets, then we made our some delicious Minion Cupcakes and finally our Minion Fancy Dress costume!

DIY Minions Costume – Materials

  • one large paper bag,
  • yellow, white, grey or silver, black paint,
  • scissors

(cheap AND fun!!)

Check our our Video Minion Dress Up How To:

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Happy Trick or Treating!

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