Stone Owls

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Owl StonesWhat a Hoot! Can you tell that we rather LOVE owls? Such a fabulous creature to inspire us to get crafty and make these Stone Owls. We chose brightly coloured pens to make them cheerful and fun.We love collecting stones. And we love crafting with stones. The cool smooth surface is just irresistible to hold.

I came up with a way that even my preschooler could help make an adorable Stone Owl. We had four kids at our play date making some gorgeous stone crafts!

Materials: Round flat(ish) stones, white acrylic paint, (marker) pens

Though we used permanent rainbow marker pens for our owls, many ordinary felt tip pens will work just as well too. Try them out FIRST to see if they do. Some will smudge off, others won’t. Try out what you have BEFORE you sit down to craft with your kids.

1) Paint your stones in white acrylic paint – it is enough to paint just the one side – then let dry.

Stone crafts Owls

2) Once dry draw on your designs. If you are hesitant to start, try out a draft on a piece of paper first.

I made one owl as a “sample” for them to see what we were doing (not to copy!!).

N.B. If you make a “mistake” that really bothers you, you can always paint over the stone and start again. Though I would like to encourage the kids to take the “there are no mistake” approach and see if they incorporate any “errors”into their designs.

N.B. 2 – for our younger kids, I added a triangle (for the beak), circles (for the eyes, though Pip Squeak managed these herself) and the wing outline for them to colour in themselves.

 owl stoneI love the eye lashes that Pip Squeak added! And didn’t she do well with the circles for the eyes too? All her own doing?

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