Disney Princess Bookmark Corners

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Just when you thought, you couldn’t possibly want ANY MORE Corner Bookmark Designs…… this wonderful set of 7 Disney Princess Bookmark Corners come along. I set out to make just the one Princess Bookmark – it was SUPPOSED to be JUST a Beauty & The Beast Belle Corner Bookmark.. and then.. oh I don’t know what happened, I guess it is safe to say, that I got a little carried away. One Disney Princess Bookmark DIY Mushroomed into 7. And I am pretty certain that that is not it.. though eventhough I have finished this series for “now”, I am now itching to make the “remainder” of the main princesses (like Merida, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Mulan and and and…and of course the BEAST Bookmark would be cool). Oh man, I need more hours in the day! I want to make them all for you.

(PS for Mickey fans.. I DO have a Mickey Mouse Corner Bookmark too.. and I had a go at some cute and simplified Tsum Tsum Donald Duck and Daisy too!).

Oh my, we love Disney Princesses SO MUCH!!! So created a very special set of Disney Princess Corner Bookmark Designs JUST FOR YOU. #disney #princess #bookmarks

Disney Princess Bookmark Corner DIYs – MATERIALS

  • Each princess will require paper in assorted colours
  • Scissors
  • Black pen
  • Glue stick

If you can’t find paper in the assorted colours that you need, why not consider making the princess bookmarks from white paper and using pens or water colours to add the detail? Harry Potter and his friends are made in this fashion!

Disney Princess Bookmark Corner DIYs – How To’s.

Oh my, we love Disney Princesses SO MUCH!!! So created a very special set of Disney Princess Corner Bookmark Designs JUST FOR YOU. This first series has a Bell Bookmark, Tangled Bookmark, Moana Bookmark DIY, Elsa Bookmark Craft, Cinderella Corner Bookmark and Snow White Corner Bookmark. If you want to see MORE designs... "vote" with your fingers, and share this with all your friends.. the more shares, the more I new Disney Princess Bookmark DIYs I will create!!!!!! Oh and let me know your favourites too!!! Happy Bookmark making!

Well, I hope I have PEAKED You interested. Today, we actually only on day 4 of our 7 Day Disney Princess Share.. and each day I will come back and add another set of instructions for you – you have seen the main pictures above.. so you know what is coming!!!! And hopefully you will like what you so.. to start us off we have the following Disney Princess Corner Bookmarks ready and waiting for you:

First up is the gorgeous Belle Corner Bookmark (if enough of you demand it, I will make The Beast too.. please leave comments… or better still SHARE with your friends on Facebook and the more shares it gets the more likely I will be to oblige!! Teehee).


Next up we have Tangled Bookmark DIY – or if you are old school like me, you would call this Disney Princess a Rapunzel Bookmark Corner! She is actually one of my favourite Disney Bookmarks that we have made.

We then move on to the lovely Snow White (why not make her combined with this wonderfully juice red apple bookmark? They would go really well together!).

Now it is time for some bookmark magic from Alladin, with this oh so sweet Jasmin Bookmark Corner DIY. What do you think? Isn’t she just gorgeous?

Oh yes, you can’t have a special Disney Princess series, with a lovely Frozen DIY. Today we share with you the lovely Elsa Bookmark DIY. In much demand, I hasten to add. I love the little snowflake detail on her hair.

Love love love this Moana Bookmark DIY. I love her gorgeous wavey hair (may be a bit like mine – teehee!!) and here gorgeous flower wreath tiara. Love this Disney Princess DIY.

And finally we finish off with the Cinderella Bookmark Corner. Hope you like her!!! Enjoy. 

If you guys are keen on MORE Disney Princesses Designs… please do let me know and let me “hear” your wish, by sharing this post all over Facebook and Pinterest – that way I can really *tell* that you guys want to see more……….. I really am tempted by The Beast, Ana and Merida next!! Tell me in your social media shares who YOU would like to see next.

Happy making.

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