Eid and Ramadan Crafts for Kids

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It has been so lovely to be able to host a range of Guest Bloggers Ramadan Crafts for Kids this year! I am so looking forward to expanding this very special Ramadan Crafts for Kids collection of the years to come.. as well as add a special Eid Ideas celebration section. That said many of the Ramadan Crafts are of course also suitable as Eid Al-Fitr crafts too. I will be adding some Eid Ad-Adha soon too (though these sheep theme crafts are a good stary for you). But, baby steps it is.. and for now, I would like to sum up the past few weeks with an overview of lovely kids crafts and Ramadan decor to make!

Ramadan & Eid Al-Fitr Crafts

Ramadan Crafts
Some wonderful Ramadan and Eid Crafts for Kids

For most of the crafts shared here today, you simply need some scissors, paper or construction paper, glue… some card stock and some recycled materials from your recycling box! Stickers and embellishments are also always fun. We don’t have many templates – but I will look to add some over time.

The crafts shared here today, can be made during the holy month of Ramadan or specificially at the end of Ramadan or as Eid Ideas.

As mentioned, the crafts shared here today, where created by fellow muslim crafters. These are activities that they like to do with their children. It is a great opportunity to discover and follow new crafters on instagram. So at each stage, I mention both the craft article, as well as the instagrammer for you to follow and check out!

Ramadan Craft and Eid Al-Fitr Themes

The following topics are great themes for Ramdan and Eid crafting with kids:

  • Mosques
  • Traditional lanterns
  • The Crescent Moon & Star
  • Kindness activities/ Charity ideas incorporated into Ramadan Calendars
  • 5 Pillars of Islam
  • Dates & Palm Trees

Ramadan Cards for Kids

Let’s begin with some lovely Ramadan Cards for Kids to make and give to loved ones. The cards obvioulsy are perfect as greeting cards, but you can also consider them as art projects to decorate your walls with. They also make great Eid Celeberation cards!

3d Pop Up Ramadan Cards

First up, let’s make this colourful Pop Up Mosque Card with Craftastic Kids. Any sort of card making is of course a great Eid idea too!

Ramadan Cards two ways
These make a great Eid idea as well.

Two ways to make these fabulous Ramadan Cards with Nidatastic. They of course make the perfect Eid Celebration Cards too! Complete with free MOON templates in two sizes to choose from.

craft stick mosque for ramadan

Make some lovely mosques cards using recycled materials (craft sticks and newspaper pages) or pretty paper and straws.

ramadan moon and star

Practice sewing skills and fine motor skills with this lovely Ramadan Moon & Star Card from Craftionary. Complete with Moon & Star Template in two sizes to download for free!

Remadan Decor for Kids

Ramadan Moon Chart

Ramadan Moon Tracker

This moon tracker makes both a lovely Ramadan decoration AND tool for children to help keep track of the Holy Month of Ramadan. Includes a free printable moon tracker download.

finished paper lanterns

Lovely Printable Paper Lantern decoration from Craftionary. These would make a great decorative Ramadan or Eid garland, but would also look cute as part of greeting cards or simple wall decor! Comes with a free printable pattern.

Ramadan Lantern Craft

Ramadan Lanterns are a popular decoration to make whilst observing Ramadan and for your Eid celebrations. Here is a great recycled Ramadan lantern to make with kids. These are shared by The Whimsy Muslim Mama.

Make some grogeous felt ornaments for ramadan

Practice your sewing skills and concentration skills with these lovely felt Ramadan Ornaments that you can then put together as a Ramadan Garland. So lovely! We included a free template for a moon, star and lantern.

ramadan garland craft

Or have a go at another type of garland – this fun recycled Cardboard Ramadan Garland. So pretty, so simple and yet so effective!

Other Ramdan Ideas & Ramadan Activities

This our more “general” Ramadan Craft Activities section, a catch all for those crafts that didn’t quite work in the other categories!

paper cup mosque craft
Make your own mosque

An adorable paper cup mosque that kids will love to make. A fun way to get young children involved in Ramadan activities and Eid celebrations. This is a lovely one for toddlers and preschoolers! Created by Ana is Crafting!

recycled mosque craft

Make a Mix & Match Cardboard Mosque with free mosque templates! This is a fun activity for any age group – younger kids can simply have fun mixing and matching, you can add a color die to see where it takes you and older kids can make their own mosques from scratch as a DIY Cardboard Mosque art project!

Ramadan Calendar Craft for Kids with Good Deeds

Another great activity for kids of all ages – from toddlers, to preschoolers to school aged children. This lovely Ramadan Calendar, includes some moon-sighting binoculars and of course focuses on Good Deed activities. CraftyyKids Made this calendar for her kids.

A lovely free download – no purchases necessary!

We love this simple (free!) printable Ramadan Cootie Catchers. A great way to learn and explore Ramadan and Eid with children of all backgrounds and ages. Add this to any lessons about Islam, muslims and Ramadan. Easy Ramadan Craft to include in the classroom! A Crafty Arab, kindly advised me on the details for this free printable.

Eid Gift Basket Printable

Ramadan Mubarak Gift Basket Template – this is a freebie from me to you – a simple gift basket to make and fill with treats as a gift for when breaking the fast with family.

Crafts on Red Ted Art suitable for Ramadan

Here are a some crafts from Red Ted Art, that could be adapted easily to the Ramadan period or Eid celebrations:

Sweet and easy ramadan crafts

Take the concept of this (Valentines) Paper Plate Moon and turn it into a Crescent Moon & Star craft!

easy paper lanterns
A classic childhood craft that only needs a piece of paper and scissors!

Super easy (Chinese New Year) Paper Lanterns. These are a classic craft for kids of all backgrounds. Learn how to make these fun paper lanterns. Replace colours with Ramadan Colours (purples and golds) and decorate with crescent moons and stars. These also work really well in miniature, combined with fairy lights!

eid card pop up
You can write Ramadan Kareem or Ramadan Mubarak messages too!

Learn how to make a simple (Easter) pop up card and then embellish it for Eid. As per our lovely Celebrations Cards we made fro Sky Kids!

star crayon

Make new from old, with these wonderful recycled Star Crayons. As part of your good deeds, children can make these and gift these to their friends!

Yarn wrapped stars

Yarn Wrapped Stars make a super easy Ramadan Decoration, especially if you also combined them with some Yarn Wrapped Crescent Moons!

Wishing you a wonderful Eid Celebration!

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