DIY Felt Pixie Ornaments – Tomte Nordic Scandi Decorations

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Learn how to make these easy DIY Felt Pixie Ornaments – inspired by some of our own Tomte Nordic Decorations.

My daughter (10yrs) is of an age, where she wants to have a go and make everything herself (woohoo!). So here we have a cute Handmade Christmas Decoration for you to have a go at. As with many of our projects, I do help her, but she does most of the work! She even took some of the step photos!

Mini Pixie dolls

To make these Nordic Tomte Ornaments you will need:

  • One medium wooden bead (12-14mm diameter)
  • 4 small wooden beads (8mm diameter)
  • One pipecleaner (My daughter likes to mate the pipe cleaner colour with the hair colour)
  • Some wool for hair
  • Some felt for the dress
  • thread
  • sewing needle
  • scissors
  • fine pen for features
  • Any embellishments
  • thread or ribbon for hanging
felt pixie ornaments

How to make mini Pixies from pipecleaners & felt

These felt pixies are based on some Pipecleaner people that we made a few years ago, but have now been “dress up”!

Easy Nordic Pixie doll Ornaments

Cut 13cm (ish) of the hair colour pipecleaner and fold it in half. My daughter likes to mate the pipe cleaner colour with the hair colour.

Thread through the bead – but leave the loop sticking out.

Cut some wool in the desired length and colour.

Thread wool through the loop and pull the rest of the pipecleaner down. This will secure it in place.

mini pixie ornaments with felt

To be honest, you can skip forward to the felt step below FIRST.. and then come back to these two images.. as it slightly easier to reverse the process. But these are the step photos we took! And you do learn from our “mistakes”. Plus these photos let you see “better” what is going on!

Cut a second peice of pipecleaner approx 8-9cm long (it can be a different colour, but doesn’t have to be).

Wrap around the body below the head.

Pop beads on the ends – you can now see the basic Pipecleaner pixies. Take the beads off again for the next step.

felt nordic ornaments

Cut out a felt dress! I basically folded some felt in half and drew a simple dress, which I then cut out – with the fold being the top of the dress. Then snipped a little hole for the head.

Feed the pipecleaners through the hole – it may be easier if you only have the legs to feed through and not the arms – so you can untwist the arms and then put them back in place if you wish.

Sew on any embellishments. Here we have a little felt heart. But buttons, or confetti work too!

Nordic Pixies diy

Once the embellishment is sewn on, sew up the sides. We did a simple over stitch. But you can be fancy and do a blanket stitch too!

Glue the beads for hands and feet in place.

Trim off any excess pipecleaner!

Style your Pixie Ornaments Hair!

This Pixie has been “finished off” by creating a thing plait of 3 strands on either side of the head and then tied back. And adding a small metallic pipecleaner “tinsel” crown! My 10yrs old also sewed on a plastic snowflake confetti!

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