Cute Monster Crafts for Preschoolers


I started out writing this collection of cute Monster Crafts for Preschoolers as a collection of “just” Monster Crafts for Kids.. but it quickly became apparent, that there are lots of lovely crafts perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and that they warranted their own section – for easy finding! As you know we love crafting with preschoolers and are always looking for more ideas to help you plan your activities! You may also like our Halloween Crafts for Toddlers!

Monsters for Preschool

Cute Monster Crafts for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Paper Based Monster Crafts for Preschoolers

where the wild things are costumes

Roar! Where the Wild Things Are! Oh Max and his antics where a firm favourite for my kids when they were little (and nostalgically, still now!). So it was only natural that at some point we had a go at making a Where the Wild Things Are Craft – more specifically paper bag monster masks! So easy and fun! Let the wild rumpus start!

monster cards

From one of our Book and Craft posts – the kids read the “shapes that roll” book and then we explored shapes and colours with these super duper cute and easy Monster Shape Cards. Then pop some in the post for Granny!

A while back we teamed up with Learning Resources to create this fun Monster Mix & Match Game. Explore, shapes, colorus and numbers, with this free printable (there is a seasonal Christmas version too!).

Fun shape monsters

More Monster Shapes with Live Well Together. How cute are these? A super easy activity to set up. Cut out large basic shapes and then a range of smaller ones and the let the kids go crazy to create!

Monster Hug Card

Similarly, you can make some of these fabulous handprint Monster Hug Cards! Who wouldn’t love receiving one of these through the post!

Paint Smach Monsters

I Heart Crafty Things has some fantastic “paint smash” monsters. Kids will adore the process of painting and folding the paper, to create wonderful patterns. Then once dry, turn them into these super cute Monster Puppets!

name monsters

Try some name monster art with this fun drawing/ writing practice from Lil Tigers.

Paper bag monsters

Another fantastic craft from I Heart Crafty Things is to turn more paper bags in to paper bag Monster Hand Puppets. Aren’t they fun?!

paper monsters

I confess.. I can’t even remember when we made these little Origami Monster Puppets. But they would have been part of our Origami Boat Making – the final stage, before you pull apart the the origami to make a boat… you can leave it as is and use it as a little hand puppet! So fun!

Handprint Monster cards

Make these wonderful Handprint Monster Cards with The Best Ideas for Kids – use either just paper and trace or use paints for extra texture. Wonderful keepsakes!

tissue paper monsters

ABC Of Literacy has some cool process art monsters too – get crafty with coffee filters and pens or water colours. So cute!

Recycled Monster Crafts for Preschool

TP Roll Monsters

Monster Toilet Paper Roll Craft – we made these a fair few years ago, to keep the baddies out at night! They wer eso fun to make and it was a great way to use up bits and pieces from our craft box too!

egg carton puppets

Another lovely little Monster Craft for little ones: Egg Carton Monster Finger Puppets. As with all Monster Crafts, the kids can go crazy with accessories. In our case, they decided to paint them green and red, add glitter, craft foam and googly eyes! Maybe replace the craft foam with cardboard and glitter with eco friendly versions for eco friendly crafting!

monster mini treat boxes

Mini Treat Buckets for a Halloween Tree or Halloween garland/ decoration. Parents to make the little buckets and the kids to go wild with the decorations. And yes.. this is made from one my favourite craft materials Toilet Paper Rolls! So fun.

sock puppets details

A fun guest post from Mini Mad Things, have a go at the “classic” Sock Monster Puppet craft! Work with the bits and pieces you have and create some fun monsters to play with.

Treat Egg Carton Monsters by The Craft Train. More fun with egg cartons.. each of these cute little monster contains a tasy suprise!

Tissue Box Monsters

Another wonderful childhood classic – turn tissue paper boxes into to fun Monsters (if you want.. you can then feed the monster your worries!). Follow the easy instructions from The Best Ideas for Kids.

Yarn Monsters

Natali shares these oh so cute Yarn Monsters. Such a cute activity and a great way to use up odds and ends in the craft box!

Other Monster Activities for Toddlers

Monster pinch pots

Pinch pots are super fun for kids to make and you can go as crazy and creative as you like! They are fantastic for strengthing fingers and developing those fine motor skills too. Here are a set of different pinch pots the kids and I made. Don’t just stop at the Monster Pinch Pots!!

sew a monster purse

Monster Purse! You will be surprised at how young you get kids sewing! This little purse uses a simple running stitch. Adults can help with sewing on the buttons and the teeth. Little ones can sew the running stitch along the sides!

simple Monster rocks

Another “Story & Craft” activity from when my kids where little. We read the story “Two Monsters” (there is a red and a blue one) and then made some monster rocks. The red ones turned out a little pink! They were the first bit of rock painting we ever did and we hid them in the park for kids to find (before hiding painted rocks was even a thing). So fun!

Rock monsters

Or check out thsi version of painted rock monsters from Easy Peasy and Fun!

monster cookies

I don’t know about you, but with my kids, decorating cookies is always about LESS is more.. and there is always a reasonal amount of monster mess. But they love it.. and it is so fun. These Monster Cookies are so easy to make – you can use store bought cookies like digestives, or make our own no egg shortbread recipe. And then let the kids have fun!

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