DIY Llama Ideas & Crafts


Oooh I don’t know.. somehow, for me, 2018 was ALL ABOUT Easy Unicorn Crafts – this year, it feels like it is all going to be about DIY Llama Ideas and Crafts!!! I don’t know what it is about the humble Llama.. but I can’t get enough of them. To kick things of, so we can have a lot of LLAMA CRAFT Fun together this year, I decided to bring together a collection of my favourite Llama DIYs to date.

Now there is only one quetsion that remains.. why Llama Crafts and not Alpaca Crafts?! Well, MY answer is simple – I have no idea!!!  From a crafting perspective, I think the two are interchangable. Similar body shapes for both DIY Alpacas and DIY Llamas with colourful blankets and holsters. So whether you are a llama lover or an alpaca lover.. I do hope you like this selction today!

Llama crafts

DIY Llama Ideas and Crafts

I have very loosely ordered these llama crafts into categories.. but in essences, I encourage you to have a good old browse and take a look at all. Easy diy alpaca/ llama is cuter than the next. And no “surprise”.. the Fortnite Llama appears a few times too! How can it not! Enjoy!

Easy DIY Llama Ideas & Llama Crafts. For Llama Lover gift ideas and decorations. Great for DIY Alpaca Idea seekers too. Choose from many DIY Llama ideas. #llama #alpaca #crafts #diy
  • DIY Fortnite Llama Pinata – though inspired by the fortnite llama it goes without saying, that this can be made in “white” and it then become a “general” DIY Llama Idea!! So cute and fun.. more info here on Red Ted Art
  • Fa La La Llama Snowflakes, that clever  Pink Stripey Socks does it again. Adore these Llama Snowflakes, so simple, so fun!
  • Smiling Finger Puppet Llama – love the shiny details on the face and ears. More over on  The Country Chic Cottage.
  • Paper Plate Llama Faces – these could easily be turned into paper plate llama masks, don’t you think? Hop over to Kleine Liebchen.
  • Fortnite Llama Corner Bookmark – Again inspired by the Fortnite game… but I think I will be doing a “normal” DIY Llama Bookmark Corner soon. The principle will be very similar! Again, more info found on here  Red Ted Art.
Llama crafts

Valentine’s Llama Ideas

Llama DIYs for older crafters

  • Pipe Cleaner and Wool Llamas – Handmade Charlotte
  • Llama Love Garland made from felt! These are simply too precious!! See full instructions on American Felt and Craft.
  • Delineate Your Dwelling shows us how to make these fabulous DIY Llama Piggy Bank boxes.
  • DIY Cardboard Llama Costume created by Mer Mar Blog! It could easily be a “together project”, so simple and so effective!

Christmas Llama DIY Ideas

Hope you enjoyed our collection of DIY Llama Ideas and Alpaca crafts. Be sure to “watch this space” as we bring you more of Llama Crafts throughout the year!! Happy crafting.

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