DIY Penny Spinners Hanukkah Activities

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Come and make some lovely and easy DIY Penny Spinners for Hanukkah with us today. If you are looking for an easy Hanukkah activities KS1, why not try these easy DIY Penny Spinners? A fun take on the traditional treidel craft, incorporating Hanukkah themes like the Menorah and the Star of David, as well as using lucky pennies.

Our Penny Spinners for Hanukkah are part of the The Best Celebrations Makes Ever! series on Sky Kids. This is a collaboration with Sky Kids and Arty Crafty Kids.

New to the Best Makes Ever! Series? At present it is a series of 40 arts & crafts projects over on the Sky Kids TV. Using every day materials, to make super fun and of course easy crafts with your kids! These were created by Helen from Arty Crafty Kids and myself, Red Ted Art, as part of a special creative commission by Sky Kids Uk! Making crafting at home, fun and easy! And above all “do-able”. Our Series include:

To make our Penny Spinners for Hanukkah, will need:

All you need to make your this cute Hanukkah activity –

star of david dreidel
  • card board (e.g. a cereal box is perfect)
  • printer paper (for decorating with your Hanukkah symbols)
  • blue pens (for decorating)
  • a penny/ coin from your country
  • scissors
  • glue stick (for adding decorative paper)
  • a small plate & pencil for tracing

How to make your Penny Spinners

paper spinner with penny
This holiday season, make sure you make some Paper Spinners! A cute alternative dreidel craft! Great for the classroom or at home.

Do visit the Sky Kids channel and watch the simple and fun How To Video here. In essence, you will need to cut a circular shape from your cardboard and carefully insert your pennies in the middle (adult supervision!!!).

What we really love about this craft, is that you can decorate your penny spinners in whatever way you wish! So if you have some favourite Hanukkah related themes, you can add these.

Penny Spinner Dreidel

A lovely extension idea for this penny spinner, is to turn it into a Dreidel. The process is simple – just add the different Dreidel symboles to the edges of your paper spinner. These would be a fun game to as part of your nights of Hanukkah activities.

You can learn how to spin and play with the dreidel on My Jewish Learning here.

ENJOY! Happy Hanukkah!

Included in this Celebrations series, we have the following videos that would can easily be adapted for Hanukkah too:

  • Diwali Candles made from paper – these candles would make lovely menorah candles too, especially if made from blue and white paper and added the little flame. Omit the flower base.
  • Celebration Glasses – instead of the 5 pointed cookie cutter, use a Star of David base for your glasses and decorate with Hanukkah themes and blues
  • Easy pyramid gift boxes – these could be filled with gold coin chocolates! Yum!
  • Star Wands – adapt for Star of David
  • Pop Up Celebrations Card – we show you how you make the basic pop up – and then add your menorah and Star of David details. Why not make a gift bag of cookies and add your own homemade card!
  • And of course the fantastic Penny Spinners!
hanukkah activities

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