DIY Snow Globe Crafts for Kids

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Oh yes, time for some fun DIY Snow Globe Crafts for kids! When you think DIY Snow Globe, you of course have to make some of the “classic” Mason Jar Glitter Globes… but there are many fabulous variations on the Snow Globe theme to explore too! Here is a selection for you to get stuck into for your Winter Crafting!

Snow globe diy ideas


Here are our favourite Snow Globe Crafts to inspire kids this Winter!

DIY Snow globes
You don’t need much glitter to make these fun snowglobes. A few drops of glycerin are the magic ingredient!

Of course these Mason Jar Snow Globes have to come first, as they are the classic DIY Snow Globe to Make with kids. We have made a many in the past. These are the “my little pony” versions, but of coures you can use any small toy or figurines. OR you can make your own waterproof designs using Polymer Clay. The key to snow globes like this, is using a Hot Glue Gun, as it is probably the best glue and most water resistant. Either that or a strong wood glue that dries into a strong plastic. And of course a good splash of glycerin to help make the glitter float nicely. Can’t wait to give these a little shake!

Snow globe

We also had fun one year creating these Puffy Paint Snow Globe Cards! Puffy paint is easy to make and a bit of magical kitchen science for the kids. I thought making snow globe cards would be the perfect project for watching that paint puff up! We made these little snow man snow globes as Thank You cards after Christmas one year! Lovely way to incorporate winter scenes into your crafting.

Snowglobe ideas

We do love to recycle! So of course, we had to have a go at some Recycled Lid Snow Globe Cards – a super fun little greeting card for the Winter months. This would be an adorable handmade card to make for Christmas but could also be used for “Thank You” Card making in the New Year (as with our puffy paint snow globes!). Have fun with our easy card making instructions.

Snow globe thaumatropes

What a little STEAM project? Combine art with science with this fun with printable Thaumatrope Snow Globe – make your design “pop up” inside the snow globe with this clever optical illusion!

Plastic Plates make fantastic the Snow Globe Art project finishing touch! As Two Bears Farm shows here. I particularly love the addition of a cute photo of your child hanging out with the snowman. As with our kindergarten snowglobe shared above, you could either have finger print snowflakes (the best!) or get some finger strength action going and get the children to hole punch some paper snow confetti and add it to the inside of your plastic plate!

Snow globes kindergarten wall

Mrs Ricca’s Kindergarten has this super duper cute and simple construction paper snowglobe craft for kindergarteners and preschoolers. Don’t all the globes look fabulous together? I love that all you need is some construction paper cut into circles for the globe and triangles for the snow globe stand. The children get to get busy with paint to make their snowmen. OR you can use paper circles for the snowmen and the kids can “construct” them and add finger print snowflakes!

torn paper snow globe craft

Happy Busy Kids Mom shows us how to make some torn paper snow globe art – a wonderful project that promotes fine motor skills and strengthening skills (tearing paper) and will create some wonderful calm quiet time and craft time.

I simply ADORE these photo snowglobes by Our Best Bites. Find out how she waterproofed the photos to go into a Mason Jar Snow globe, screw on the lid and hey presto… so clever as so much fun for kids of all ages!

A clear plastic cup makes a great waterless snowglobe craft

Learn how to make plastic cup Snow Globe Ornaments with The Scrap Shoppe Blog! So cute. These would look fabulous with children’s photographs in them too! A great way to make your own DIY Snow globes that won’t leak or fade over time!

snow globe hot chocolate

BBC Good Food has this adorable Snowglobe hot chocolate gift. Isn’t it fun!? What a ridiculously cute idea. These would be great for selling at a school fair, would make a wonderful Hostess Gift Idea during the holiday season or a fun project to make and gift to your BFF or teacher’s at Christmas… so fun! Add a pretty ribbon and name tag and you are done! A wonderful take on the waterless snow globe!

mason jar lid snow globe
A fun way to gift hot chocolate!

Similarly Smart School House, has this genius little Mason Jar Lid Snow Globe DIY idea. Isn’t it the cutest? Decorate your lids and then fill with your favourite holiday gift – be it a “cookie in a jar” recipe or some sweet treats – you could even put a hostess gift in it, like DIY Dried Orange Mulled Wine! Love those small Christmas figurines.. how fun is the Christmas Tree? Just adorable! Can’t wait to give these shake.

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