DIY Wedding Card for Kids to their Teacher (Love is…)


Soooo  our lovely Reception teacher is getting married!! Woohoo. I do love a good wedding – it is such a special time in someone’s life – a real chance to be a princess for a day! So I am so excited and pleased for her! The children have been excited for too and have been hearing lots about weddings! So the class parents did a “whip around” as a wedding gift and of course we needed a Wedding Day Card signed by all the kids. Instead of buying, I decided to put Pip Squeak to work and get her making one on behalf of the class (it would have been great to get all the kids making, but we didn’t have enough time.. we just about managed the signatures in the card – see below).

DIY Wedding Card - Kids make for their Teacher


To make our Wedding Day Card we used:

  • 2 A4 sheets of cream card
  • Washi tape to connect the two pieces of card
  • Pink paper of our “gingerbread men”
  • LOTS OF BITS AND PIECES that we could find – including a bit of wool, ribbon, tulle, gems and coloured paper
  • Pens
  • Glue
  • Coloured paper for the “love hearts to go inside”

DIY Wedding Card - Class Card for a Teacher Getting Married

As the children have been “dressing up” paper figures a lot during reception (check out Pip Squeak’s Pirate Craft), we thought “dress up dolls” as theme wholey appropriate.

I cut the template and then worked with Pip Squeak on the rest…

  • What colour hair do we need for the bride (i.e. our teacher’s hair)
  • What colour for the groom?
  • What will the bride be wearing.. what materials can we find?
  • What do her shoes look like?
  • And what shall we use as a bouquet?
  • As to the groom, what does he wear?
  • Does he have a tie? Or a waistcoat? What can we find to suit him?
  • What are his shoes like?

Many things Pip Squeak cut out and stuck down, some I helped with (e.g. cutting out the black tuxedo and shoes, but she stuck those on!)

DIY Wedding Card - Class Card - LOVE ISOnce the card was finished we cut out 30 hearts.. and got each child to write a short sentence about love.. a la “Love is….” as well as their name. Remember these are 4-5year olds, so we kept it simple. They all did a GREAT job – from writing “Love is fun” to “Love is Happiness” and “Love is Friendship” and “Love is Mum”… awww. Just right!