Cork Craft Ideas

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Recycled materials really are fun to craft with, we thought Cork Craft Ideas would be a great next project to explore. I am quite lucky that friends and relatives collect their corks for us, so we do have quite a cork stash!! Plenty of opportunity for making!! Crafty bloggers got together again, to create this little Cork Craft video for you – sharing and discussing some of our cork craft ideas and then, I share links plus a few more ideas!!

12 Cork Craft Ideas
We love crafting with recycled materials! Corks Crafts are so fun!

Time for our Recycled Cork DIYs!

Cork Knights

First up, we have the Cork Knights, that you may have seen here on Red Ted Art earlier in the week. It was a lovely idea a friend gave me to share with you all here.

Simple Cork Boat Craft - quick and easy to make

Cork Boats (they float REALLY well) and if you love boat making and want to turn this into a science activity, take a look at the raft making post by Science Sparks.

Kids Art Butterfly Cork Crafts

Adorable Kids Art Cork Butterflies

Make some Waldorf Maths Gnomes (or just make some gnomes, because they are cute to play with!).

Fairy Tale Cork crafts
My preschooler made these by herself

I love when little ones get busy by themselves.. my then preschooler made these cork people (can you tell – rapunzel, little red riding hood, cinderella and belle?!). She then went on to make TP Roll Towers and Origami Houses.. do hop over and see her Cork Craft inspired Fairy Tale!

Cork Cake Toppers
Bride and Groom Corks

I made a number of bride and groom corks over the years.. it all started with Harry & Megan getting married! I love customising hair colours, suits, dresses and flowers to suit the couple’s details!

Pooh bear cork craft

I made this Pooh Bear Cork Craft as a little Christmas Ornament for my niece.. but would be nice as part of a play set too, don’t you think?

easy day of the dead sugar skulls

Slightly more “seasonal” with these Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Corks Provide the children with a “blank” canvas.. and they can draw on all the features themselves.

Santa crafts

Next up we have our Santa Corks – we made them as a little Christmas decoration, but also a “Santa Cork Bowling” activity. Lots of fun indeed! We have many more Christmas Cork Crafts for you to browse. I ADORE the Gingerbread Man Corks most!

Creating Creatives made some rather adorable Cork Charms are super easy to make and a perfect way to put your wine corks to good use!

Make some fun and quirky Boogie Bots with Babble Dabble Do!

Here is a fun STEAM activity using corks and that doesn’t require much prep! Hop over to Left Brain Craft Brain’s IG feed for info!

You will find a whole set of Bug Cork Crafts over on Me And My Shadow! Lots of ideas from butterflies, to mini beasts, to bees! So cute.

Kids Chaos creates another free printable for Father’s Day for us – her cork wheeled Monsters Trucks are fabulous.

Kids Chaos also reminds us that her fabulous craft stick planes had cork wheels. Fun indeed! Great for planes wheels and reminds me that they would also make fabulous little car wheels too (mmmh, there is an idea.. watch this space!).

Fairy Frog gets stamping with corks. Perfect and so simple, you really want to give it a go. They created lovely cork pictures. But you could also use it to decorate wrapping paper or for DIY bunting. We even used cork prints in a Klimt project we did a while back! AND we love creating thise Snowman Cork Print Cards!

Or how about these simple Hyacinth Pictures from Inner Child Fun? Perfect for Mother’s Day!

Me and My Shadow shares one of my favourite (Champagne) cork crafts: Toadstools!! PERFECT for some fairy play (we also made some little elves to go with them a while back).

I do like the idea of this Cork Board. There are few “knocking about” on the internet and it is a great way to put corks to use! Or check out this create on using a door as a basis!!

…and of course there cork coasters and place mats!

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