DIY Wrapping Paper – Dots with Office Stickers

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Funny, how “one last minute need” for DIY Wrapping Paper, has turned into a mini series and a personal challenge. This is now the 5th wrapping paper craft I share with you in my DIY Wrapping Paper series!! This one is based on some Spotty Eggs we did at Easter. I remember how simple they were and how much the kids liked them. So we had a go with wrapping paper too:

DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas

Materials: plain paper (on a roll), round office stickers in various colours

My kids love love love sticking things. So this simply perfect for them. And as office stickers come in packs of 100s, they are quite cheap to buy (cheaper than ordinary kids stickers) and yet I think they look wonderful as dotty DIY Wrapping Paper! Don’t you?

Wrap your present first. Then get sticking!