Kids Craft: Kids Art Advent Calendar (for Granny!)


I have to say, I think Granny is a very luckily lady.. she is the receiver of much crafty goodness produced by Red Ted and Pip Squeak… and because she is so wonderful about accepting it all, I do like to make her special things with the children too – bring on the Kids Art Advent Calendar – a perfect present kids can make for Christmas (with some help of course) and a lovely way to appreciate their art. We also rather like an Easy Snowman Craft or twoIf you are looking for more Advent Calendar Ideas.. look no further!

Kids Art Advent Calendar – Materials

  • paper for drawing (or some art your child has made already),
  • a scanner and printer,
  • glossy photo paper or very light card stock, scissors, 
  • Stanley knife, and
  • glitter glue sticks
Advent calendar ideas

1) Red Ted drew a snowy picture for us – he decided on a snowman and we added some glitter glue snow.

2) Once dry, scan it and resize to A4 if need be. I printed it off on some glossy photo paper. If you haven’t got any, I would recommend printing it on some slightly heavier paper/ light card.

3) Then I made a print out in power point (which I have an advent calendar template pdf -ed for you). I printed this off and use it as a stencil/ guide to cutting the windows into our pieces of printed art. Remember to only cut 3 sides of your square. I made the right side open one way and the left the other way.

4) Pick out 24 family photos from the year gone by (or alternatively get your children to draw 24 little pictures into your calendar – i think this would only work with older kids, who have the patience.. no way I could have gotten mine to do it!). I resized my photos in power point.

Then something strange happened, I was going to use the same template again, fill it with photos, print off and place behind our windows. For some reason, I couldn’t print the same stencil off twice accurately. The new prints were slightly bigger. I have no idea why. So I created a lots of small photos in power point, the size of our calendar. Printed them off and stuck them on the paper behind the windows. A little more work, but fine. You will have to see how these print off for you and either you will have a v quick job or you may have a little cutting to do.

5) Once I had stuck all the photos behind the windows. I added a TINY bit of blue tack to help keep the windows shut!

6) Then at the very end, we added some numbers 1 – 24 and as Red Ted put it “Tricked Granny, by mixing all the numbers up”


We are SO pleased with the results. Red Ted was so excited about seeing his piece of art as a calendar and they loved seeing all the year’s worth of photos!

Anyway, I am pretty certain that Granny will be pleased and will love seeing all the different photos!

Have you got any presents kids can make to share? What advent calendar ideas have you got?
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