DIY Wrapping Paper: Printables & Hello Kitty


And now.. in our DIY Wrapping Paper series, I find myself **needing** Hello Kitty and **Pink**. How do I make my little girl happy AND still persevere with my homemade paper rule this Winter? Simple….. you print off your child’s favourite icon, cut it out and stick it all over you paper (you can also do this by using the “last bits” of branded wrapping paper – cut out the designs and stick them on white paper and you make that one small piece of store  bought paper last much longer).

I found a simple to cut out Hello Kitty image.  Be sure to select an image that is easy to cut out, e.g. squares or circles. I copied it into PowerPoint (you can use word too, I am sure) and then printed off several sheets… then got cutting (yes a little boring, but it makes Pip Squeak happy!). I did different sizes for “different effects”:

DIY Wrapping Paper

Wrap your presents in paper first and then add your embellishments

I think it looks rather sweet? And I like the combination of “bigger ones and smaller” ones. What do you think?

What themed paper would you make? What is your child into at the moment?