Easy Bird Feeders – Cheerio Bird Feeders!

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As Winter is drawing nearer, the leaves fall from the tree and the colder weather draws in, we turn some of our attention to the wildlife around us – in particularly our feather friends. Making bird feeders in Winter (or any time of year actually), is a fun and simple activity to do with Kids. Not only is it it great to help local wildlife (especially in urban environments like ours), observe our local wildlife as they come to feed, but it is also a great way to teach kids about being kind to animals and thoughtful about what the Winter brings and how to help others. Even if “others” are “just” our feather friends. SO.. off we go to day to make some super simple bird feeders out of Cheerios. Cheerio Bird Feeders have been a long standing “classic”, especially for younger children, who can practice their fine motor skills whilst making these bird feeders! They look cute and are a great snack for birds. My kids also love making Cheerio Bird Feeders, as I rarely buy Cheerios for them and this is an opportunity to snaffle some! 🙂

DIY Cheerios Bird Feeders - fine motor skill activity for kids

We also have a Juice Carton Owl Bird Feeder we made in the Summer, and some “traditional” bird cakes post.

 Cheerios Bird Feeders – Materials

* Cheerios

* Floral Wire or Pipe cleaners (I prefer the former)

* Ribbon for hanging

 Cheerios Bird Feeders – How To

Christmas Tree - Bird Feeder Craft for Kids

1) As you can see from the materials, this really IS an easy craft. To be honest, you can just string your cheerios on a straight piece of pipe cleaner or wire to make your Cheerio Bird Feeders. However, we like to play a little with out wire. We had a go at shaping hards and making some “Christmas Tree” shapes.

2) I recommend shaping your wire FIRST. Once the Cheerios are on, it is harder to handle the wire and you are likely to break off the Cheerios! So shape them into your desired patterns. We made 3 different sized hearts and the aforementioned “tree”. (For the tree, I wrapped the wire around a thin glass and then reshaped it a little once off).

Cheerios Bird Feeder Crafts

3) Get the kids to thread on the Cheerios. Two on the bird feeder, one in the mouth… ahem. Anyway, they enjoyed the “beading” and threading on all the Cheerios to make their on bird feeders!

4) Once full, I carefully twisted the wires together to “seal” the ends.

5) Add a ribbon for hanging and your Cheerios Bird Feeders are done. Don’t they look sweet?

Cheerios DIY Bird Feeders - simple crafts for kids

Hang in a tree (ideally where it isn’t too wet!) and wait for the birds to come!

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