Christmas Pudding Felt Ornament

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I love getting together and getting crafty with my GROWN UP friends too. A few weeks ago (yes, it has taken me THIS LONG to finally get it sorted and “up on Red Ted Art), we go together for a simple Felt Ornament making session. We had made these Felt Stars many moons ago and wanted to get Christmassy again this year. Enter the Christmas Pudding!!!

Christmas Pudding Felt Ornament Craft

To make our felt Christmas Puddings we used:

  • Brown, white & green felt
  • Mini red pom poms (but red buttons or red felt would look nice too_
  • Thread for hanging
  • Embroidery Thread
  • A tiny bit of stuffing

We used – Blanket Stitch and a French Knot

Here is a video showing you how to do Blanket Stitch. It is fiddly at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is such a pretty stitch to do:

And here is a video for French Knots – I taught my friends on the night and they loved it – perfect for those currents to go on the Christmas Pudding!

To Make our Christmas Puddings we –

1) Used a small glass to trace out 2 brown circles and one 1 white semi circle. We then cut a wiggly line into the white to make the frosting.

2) Add some black french knots as currents.

3) Then using blanket stitch sew all round your circle – including the white part. Remember to include your hanging ribbon and sew  it securely into place. Finally, cut out your holly and with a couple of stitch sew the Holly and the red berries in place.