Easy Crochet Rose Pattern

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Make this gorgeous easy crochet rose with our free pattern and tutorial! This Crochet Rose is great for beginners! It is also a great little crochet pattern for yarn left overs! The perfect crochet Valentines Day Decoration too!

Easy Crochet Rose Project

crochet roses

Little Crochet Decor Roses uses:

These deco roses can be used in many ways:

  • a simple brooch
  • added to a greeting card
  • combine it with our super simple flower bookmark stem & leaf as a rose bookmark
  • added to gift wrap
  • added to a headband – similar to this rose headband
  • put together to make a crochet rose wreath (round or heart shaped for Valentine’s Day)
  • added to a hairslide
  • using fine yarn, they can even be used as crochet rose earring studs or finger rings

Crochet Project – List of Supplies:

  • Yarn – use thicker or thinner yarn to make bigger or smaller roses!
  • Crochet hook to match your yarn
  • Tapestry needle
  • Scissors
  • OPTIONAL: green felt for leaf

How to make a Crochet Rose Pattern

slip knot rose

Select a yarn and start by making a slip knot at the open end of the yarn.

chain 42

Make 41 chain stitches.

skip first ch

Skip the chain next to hook and insert the hook into the 2nd stitch from hook.

single crochet

Work a single crochet.

Chain 2.

ch 6

Skip the next stitch of the base chain and then work a single crochet into the next stitch. Then, chain 2.

Continue to repeat the 1 single crochet, chain 2, skip 1 base stitch and work 1 single crochet into the next stitch.

crochet rose

After reaching the other end of the base chain, turn the pattern to the other side. Chain 2 on hook.

crochet rose pattern

Insert the hook into the chain 2 loop created in the previous round.

crochet rose free

Work a double crochet into the loop.

rose pattern

Work 2 more double crochet into the same loop.

first petal

Chain 1 and slip stitch into the loop to complete our first petal.

repeat rose petal

Now, slip stitch into the next chain 2 loop.

double crochet

Work 3 double crochet into the loop, chain 1 and slip stitch into the loop to complete our second petal.

keep going round

Repeat the process to make a petal into each chain 2 loop of the previous round.

10 petals

You should have a total of 10 petals. If you increase the number of base chains, the number of loops/ petals will also increase. (NOTE: Don’t worry if you don’t have 10 or if the petals look uneven! The rose will still look lovely).

rose pattern

Finish the crochet with a slip stitch and pull out a few inches of the yarn and cut off extra yarn from bundle.

curl your rose

Start to coil the petal chain from a side.


Coil the entire petal chain and try to create a blooming rose pattern.

sew the back

Turn the rose pattern to the backside and use a needle to stitch the backside/ bottom part of the coiled petal with the remaining extra yarn.

final crochet rose

Tie a knot after stitching the bottom side of the crochet rose and then cut off extra yarn if necessary.

combine with felt leaves

Now combine with some green felt leaves and your little crochet roses are finished.

valentines wreath roses

See how great they would look as a little Valentine’s Rose Wreath?

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