How to… make a Beautiful & Simple Crochet Rosette Flower (Guest Post)

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Crocheted Rosette Headband FlowerI am well on the road to learning to crochet. So far I have made a blanked and numberous little balls..  I am now Always on the look out for new and easy crochet projects, I spotted this adorable flower over at Sara’s  Creative Jewish Mom. I love how the flower is in essence one long “wave-y” strip perfect for beginners. I don’t have a hot glue gun, but I reckon you can manage with some stitching to secure it all in place. Also, these flowers would look fabulous on bags and brooches. A lovely accessory all around.  I adore Creative Jewish Mom‘s blog – each week Sara brings wonderful kids crafts, as well as adult tutorials and a great link party. I have been inspired by the site many a time and have also found other guest posters through her. So. If you need inspiration to get crafty, you can’t go wrong to stop by for a visit!

Over to Sara:

Isn’t this sweet? If you know how to crochet (and I really hope you do!) you can whip up a bunch of these rosettes in no time from just a piece of crocheted trim that you can make yourself. They look great attached to a ready made headband, as a pin, or even a napkin ring. And I think they’re a bit of fresh air after all the fabric flowers we’ve been seeing everywhere, and maybe just a bit more elegant …..?

Crocheted rosette flower headband

You’ll Need:

  • The yarn of your choice, and an appropriately sized crochet hook
    I used some baby weight cotton, but you can try just about any weight and see if you like the results
  • a small piece of felt
  • a glue gun
  • a ready made headband, or pinbacks
  • a pearl single shaft button, or a pearl bead

How To:

  1. Crochet your piece of trim as follows: Make a chain that is about 60cm long. Double crochet one row. Turn and crochet a row of scallop stitch as follows: *skip 2 stitches, 5 double crochets into next stitch, skip next 2 stitches, single crochet into next stitch, repeat from * to end and finish off.
  2. Cut a small circle of felt, about 1 1/2″ diameter
  3. Roll the center of the crocheted trim tightly, and attach to the center of the felt circle with hot glue, continue wrapping the trim around itself, but now in a much looser fashion, securing with hot glue to the felt circle as you go. You may need to actually apply glue to the trim itself, not just the edge on the outside in order for it to lay down a bit, but that’s okay! Do a little experiment without the glue, and take a look at my photo. A loosely coiled flower is more beautiful, take my advice.
  4. Attach pearl button or bead to the center with hot glue, and attach to headband or add pin back.
  5. Voila! My daughter has already worn hers and it looked fantastic. Not too big, but big enough!
Thank you Sara for this wonderful flower crochet tutorial!!

If you feel inspired, do have a go… and I also HAVE to share this super cute “How to make a crochet cardigan from granny hexagons” This is just too clever and sounds perfect for the beginner that I am! I will be making one for my 20mth old little girl as soon as I have some pretty wool too hand. I guess all you need to do is make the basic hexagon larger until you have a size that fits your child!
Visit Creative Jewish Mum’s site and put “crochet” into the search and you will find it!
Crocheted Baby Surprise Hex Pink Granny

Crocheted Baby Surprise Hex Example