Easy DIY Christmas Jumper for Kids

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It is Christmas Jumper Day here in the UK soon and like many British school, the children will be wearing Christmas Jumpers on Friday 12th December to raise funds for Save The Children. Not actually owning any Christmas Jumpers (Red Ted, doesn’t really wear jumpers much) and not really having the time or inclination to go out and buy a Christmas Jumper (I would rather donate the money, than buy one), I thought, I would use our #ArtClubMonday session (search the hashtag on Instagram) to sort out out Christmas Jumper Day needs. The kids were excited, as it involved Pom Poms and pretty tape. Hoorah! The best bit? You just need to hunt around the kids clothes and “work with what you have”. Don’t go out and buy anything!! So here we… go check out our simple and cute Reindeer Christmas Jumper DIY!

Christmas Jumper Day CraftsFor our DIY Christmas Jumper we used:

  • Red Ted’s Brown Pyjama Top turned inside out, similarly a black top for Pip Squeak
  • Some felt for the eyes
  • Golden Tape
  • Red Wool & Our Pom Pom Maker
  • Safety Pins & Glue

Note: we can remove ALL of our bits and pieces and return the top to it’s previous state.

Note 2… if you don’t have wool or felt – check around the house what else you have – maybe some masking tape? Some bright red paper? Or maybe some shiney wrapping paper? Hunt around for alternatives! No safety pins? Tape it on! We have done that before with a paper skeleton DIY outfit and it work well enough for a day at school.

DIY Christmas Jumper what we did:

1) I traced some large white eyes and Red Ted cut one, I cut the other. He then cut is own “pupils” out and we stuck them down.

2) Whilst that was drying, Red Ted made a pom pom – we have LOTS of pom pom making techniques here, choose the one that you like best!

3) Then Red Ted, stuck down some golden tape as antlers.

4) Finally, we pinned everything else into place and DONE!

Easy Christmas Jumper DIY for Kids

Here is Pip Squeak’s (she wouldn’t model it for us, sorry!). Hopefully I will get some better photos of our Reindeer Christmas Jumpers later in the week! It is so hard to photograph in the late afternoons after school in Winter. Sigh!