Easy Valentine’s Tree for Kids


Time for an adorable Kids Valentine’s Day Idea! Make this easy Valentine’s Tree for Kids. It is a wonderful collaborative project that kids of all ages can take part in. From Preschoolers, to teens. They make a great family project but would also work really as a classroom project!

Heart Tree Activity
This Heart Tree can be used for Valentine’s, for Dreams & Wishes and as a Kindness Tree too

The Season of Love is upon us, and we are thrilled to be back and creating a craft for RedTedArt’s 31 Days of Love, her Hearty month of Valentine Crafts each year. These would also make a lovely Kindness Activity for Kids!

We are the Se7en gang, a family of se7en+1 kids, waving hello from sunny Cape Town. You are welcome to visit us on our blog, or follow outdoor adventures and day in the life posts on instagram, @se7en_hoods.

We love creating a whimsical Valentine’s Tree ever year and adding a couple of hearty crafts and surprises to our tree, the closer we get to Valentine’s Day.

Valentine in the Sunshine

Though this is a Valentine’s Day Activity in our house, you can make these tree for all occassions:

  • A tree of Love – e.g. on Mother’s Day. What do you love about mum? Or someone’s Birthday? What are your favourite thing about the Birthday child
  • A tree of Wishes and Dreams – perfect for a new year or the long summer holidays
  • A kindness tree – write nice things about each other or add kindness activities to do throughout the year

One of our Valentine traditions is to make and create a Valentine’s Tree, which is a small tree, or even a branch, that you can hang little gifts and hearty crafts onto. The thing about having a gang of kids, who all love crafting, is that we have artists at various ages and stages, with various skills as well. An open ended project like a valentine tree is perfect, because all our young artists can hang their various crafty offerings onto the tree without having to compromise at all.

Se7en Steps to a Valentines Tree

Start with a Stick

We usually use a lovely branched stick. Just one that we found out in the garden. And then we start creating hearts to go on it. My younger kids like any project that looks even slightly like sewing, so we cut out crafty hearts from firm magazine paper and threaded them up. Of course you can use any colourful paper and extend this to using carefully created hearty paper: paints, markers, crayons, collage… this is the time to go mad.

We left the back of the paper blank for writing little messages on them.

Really at this stage, the world is your oyster. Using a fat darning needle and craft string we threaded on loops, so that we could tie them onto the tree once they had been written on. It is really very simple, but effective.

hanging hearts image 1

Otherwise, we created two kinds of hearty bunting. For the first kind we used punched out hearts from a paper craft pack, and again with a fatter darning needle we threaded the hearts onto some craft string. The trick with this kind of hearty threading is to make sure that you tie a little knot between hearts, so that your hearts don’t all clump together. A little spacing on your thread makes for pretty hearty bunting… and of course you can add beads, or sea shells, or anything threadable to your bunting.

tiny heart bunting

The other kind of hearty bunting we created, and again you can use or create any paper you like, but we had some lovely rose vintage gift wrap lying around. Fold the paper over, the width of the heart you want to create and draw a heart to cut around, making sure that you leave a little margin, at the top of the heart, that you don’t cut through.

vintage heart  how to

Once you have cut out your hearts, a little craft glue can be used to glue the hearts together, with a piece of craft string lying down the middle.

Vintage Heart Bunting

And there we had a hearty tree all ready for some little secret messages to be tied onto it, or few more hearty ideas that we can think of, as we get closer to the day.

Final Tree

I thought I might show you three more hanging crafty projects that we have enjoyed making:

Spring flower bunting

Spring Flower Bunting

Tea cup chandelier

Teacup Chandelier

Bushveld Bunting

Bushveld Bunting

That’s us… wishing you loads of hearty love on Valentine’s Day, from the gang at se7en+1.

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