Eco Gift Wrap Ideas that a BEAUTIFUL!

Hello hello! Well, this is a post I should have written a loooong time ago. In fact about 7-8yrs ago, when I first made our set of simple “gift sacks” to use at Christmas and Birthdays. Unfortunately, I made them out “ok” looking fabric, so they are not THAT photo genic, so I never shared them! But they are much loved and much appreciated in our family.

Surely, this is the year of Eco Christmas.. and here is an idea for you: why not invest in some fabric gift wraps and fabric gift sacks and bags? Fabric gift wrapping that you can use over and over!!!! Choose the right designs and they remain a super beautiful way to wrap at Christmas or for Birthdays. You can either make them yourself or head over to the wonderful place that is Etsy!

Reusable eco frabric wrap ideas from etsy

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Note 2: As these are all fantastic shops on Etsy – certain patterns and designs may WELL SELL OUT! So please be do not be disappointed if a particular design is no longer available, but browse the individual’s page for other ideas!

Tips on Fabric Gift wrapping

Fabric wrap or gift sack?

I would say there are three main types of fabric wrapping ideas to choose from – gift wrap fabric, gift sacks and the japanese Furoshiki cloth.

Personally, I like the sacks best, as they are so easy to fill and reduce the amount of time to “Christmas” wrapping. But if you do love to WRAP, than the fabric wraps or the Furoshiki Wrapping Cloth is just the thing for you!

How many to get?

Needless to say, this is a very personal decision, as it all depends on how much gift as a family. We have ONE set of gift bags for Christmas one set of gift bags for Birthdays. You MAY enjoy having a different pattern per family member! That could look really nice under the Christmas tree! I advise to get a mix of sizes – including “envelop sized” bags or wraps for gift vouchers. I often put several items in one bag – e.g. several crafty items in one bag, or a bag of books. Which means we need less bags overall!

What accessories do I need?

Again, this is something totally up to you! It depends on how much you like to embellish your gift wrapping! We simply use some ribbons.. but you may want to make a set of reusable gift tags and you may want to add details such as additional bows or little ornaments to decorate your gifts.

What about gifts when visiting friends?

If we are going somewhere else I either make gift wrap from the kids’ old comic books or ask for the fabric wrap back. People don’t mind, especially if they are close friends!

Gift Sacks on Etsy

Note: UK readers please check the shipping TO the UK! If you are reading and in the UK, I particularly like Funky Pink Flamingo, as they have free delivery on many of their products!

I love the bold design of these simple red circles! Visit Good Baggage to get some in the size you desire!

Or go for a nice Christmassy set of four bags like Lil e Creations has on offer. These come with draw strings, so you don’t even need a ribbon to tie them up! Do have a good browse of this store, as there are so MANY great designs to suit all tastes!

Good Baggage has lots of wonderful designs to choose from – not just Christmas! Hop over to their store for a good browse!

There really is a gift bag to suit all tastes! The Ruby Swan for example has these lovely white and golden bags. Aren’t they gorgeous?

Or how about some bold Birthday Gift Sacks? So many more great patterns to choose from at For You Gift Bags!

Fabric Gift Wrap

Now I REALLY love this Etsy Seller – The Fab Wrap! Hand stamped beautiful gift wrap fabric – it is hard to choose just a small sample to share with you! But some of my favourites include the oranges, the hedgehogs and the holiday truck (also available as a gift bag!).

Love this Scandi inspired simple fabric wrap – it comes with the cords attached for extra easy wrapping! So clever. And doesn’t it look beautiful? By Happy Wrap on etsy! Hop over to see more patterns and designs.

How about this beautiful combination of bright fabric, pom poms and ribbons? The Fabric Wrapping Company has this and more! But be quick! As they sell out fast!

Or how about this Birthday/ Christmas reversible fabric? Great for using all year round!

Furoshiki Gift Wrap

Needless to say Furoshiki Gift Wrap is very similar to the gift wrap above, but there main difference is – it usually is made from a viscose material, given it that silk feel – but many come in cotton too. There are special Furoshiki wrapping techniques to explore (a bit like origami!) and they do NOT come with ribbons attached (as many of fabric gift wraps do).

Visit YouTube for how to Furoshiki Gift Wrap techniques!

Once again there are lots of patterns to choose from. I thought these flowers by Atelier Mimolette are particularly cute.

You can also get two toned wrapping fabric just this vibrant one from Chloe Mason Soaps!

More beautiful double sided fabric to wrap your gift in from Fab Rap Shop!

Or go for traditional Japanese designs. Like this beautiful blue whale (hop over and see how nicely you can wrap a bottle with it!).

And finally, another great shop with reversible fabric (and button gift tags). Enjoy!