Super Simple Penguin Card Design

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Time for some more handmade Christmas Cards for Kids! We have a fabulous Super Simple Christmas Card series running at the moment. Showing you how to make 10 different Christmas card designs in under 5minutes. Some even only take 2 minutes to make. Perfect for creating Christmas Cards for the classroom or in bulk. Today’s design, is our Super Simple Penguin Card Design, which is fantastic for both Christmas Cards, but also as Thank you Cards AFTER Christmas! Hooray.

Check out yesterday’s Super Simple Ted Christmas Card! The full Super Simple Christmas Card series is here too!

Super Simple Penguin Card Design as part of the Quick Christmas Card Series

Super Simple Penguin Card – Materials

  • black* cards (either pre folded A6 cards, or cut down black card to the size you want.. an A4 sheet of black card, can make two cards for you)
  • coloured paper in contrasting colours: White, orange/yellow, pink
  • pen
  • scissors
  • glue stick

*purple or dark blue would look lovely too!

How to make a Simple Santa Card Tutorial

Once again this Christmas Card Design series is a VIDEO tutorial series.. but I have added some short step by step descriptions for you below!

New Easy Paper Projects for Kids Book

In the video I mention my new Paper Projects Book – the designed shared here today, works really well for our little DIY gift bags shared inside this book!

Find out more about this book here!

Step by Step Easy Penguin Card Design instructions:

As mentioned, we used some prefolded A6 cards in black, purple or dark blue. But you can make your own card and also make these cards in ANY size or shape. If you have “standard” card, you can simply fold it in half to make a greeting card base.

Cutting your penguin’s features

Your penguin card will need the following features:

  • A large oval, with the bottom trimmed off
  • Two white circles with pupils drawn in
  • Pink cheeks
  • A triangle for the beak
  • Little feet (two heart shapes, trimmed down)

Assembling your super simple Penguin Christmas card design

Glue down your white oval. Trim if necessary.

Glue you beak in place, then add the eyes and rosy cheeks.

Finally add your Penguin’s feet.

FINISHED. That took less than 3min to make. If making in bulk, you can get these made even quicker!

Super Simple Penguin Card Design as part of the Quick Christmas Card Series

Hope you liked our Super Simple Christmas Card. More coming soon.

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Our super simple penguin card is also available on Youtube