Egg Cozy Hat Pattern

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I taught myself to crochet a couple of years ago. And the key things with things like crochet or knitting is to keep at it. So every so often, I find mini crochet projects to keep me up to speed. I was busy putting together a Breakfast Hamper Gift set (great for New Mums or a friend that has moved house or for a relative at Christmas) and wanted to add a few homemade items.

We already had our Lemon Marmalade and Blackberry & Apple Jam. I thought I would get the kids to make some No Mess Soda Bread, add some teas… and finally a lovely tea cup, egg cup and of course and Egg Cozy!

I hunted around for some free Egg Cozy Patterns and found this cute one from Lulu Loves.  I left out “row 5” for our eggs (they are bit smaller) and added a Fork PomPom. Job done. So pleased with how cute they are!

Egg Cozy Hat Pattern #crochet #crochetpatterns #eggcozy #crochethat

As a non expert crocheter, I found the beginning of the pattern fiddly (I usually find the beginning of crochet patterns fiddly!!) but once I got past the first row, it was super duper easy to make. And oh so satisfying.


Egg Cozy Hat Pattern #crochet #crochetpatterns #eggcozy #crochethat
Egg Cozy Hat Pattern #crochet #crochetpatterns #eggcozy #crochethat

The only problem with these cute Egg Cozy Patterns, is that the kids now don’t want to eat the eggs… but keep them as pets! Ha.

Knitted Egg Cozies

If you are after an Egg Cozy Hat KNITTING pattern (vs crochet) we have one of those too! I love this Hat Knitting Pattern as all you need to know is how to Knit and Purl. A great project for beginners!