Book & Cook: How to make Easy Soda Bread (No Yeast!)


Welcome back to Kids Get Crafty… instead of crafting, I have a “book & cook” post for you today – how to make Easy Soda Bread – it requires no yeast and is “no mess” too.

As you know I have been doing a lot of baking (mainly our yoghurt pot muffins and our rainbow cookies) with Red Ted and some cooking. Making bread is so satisfying and it smells so good. So here we have a super simple recipe for kids. I love that it is NO MESS too!

So bread we must bake.

First shared in May 2011

However, I am utterly rubbish at breadbaking – and am a big convert to the bread making machine (we “inherited” one 4 years ago – and I have since not bought one single loaf from the shops)… I always have problems with the yeast (probably too impatient). So I decided to have a go at Soda Bread with Red Ted. It is SOOO easy and SOOO quick and Jadaroo’s Bread in  Bag idea makes it BRILLIANT for small children!

It is a tiny bit on the salty side, so take care with younger children.

How to make Easy Soda Bread

For a small loaf we used:

* 150g Rye Bread Flour (but you can use wholemeal flower)

* 150g Self Raising White Flour (but have made it with plain flour before too)

* 250ml Yoghurt (but Buttermilk or gone off milk works too)

*1 tea spoon of bircabonate of soda

* 1-2pinches of salt (to taste – I am very salt sensitive, so less is more in my eyes!)

* A handful of sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds (optional)

1) Layout all the ingredients so the kids can see them – explain about measuring and having certain amounts

2) Tip everything into the bag and tie a knot

3) Knead and mix well

4) Place on tray on in a tin in the overn at 180-200 for 30min or so. Remove when the bread sounds “hollow” when tapped


The bread in a bag technique is brilliant here, as the dough is very sticky! This way, no one gets sticky or messy fingers!

And Our Book?

Well… There is only ONE book:

I came across this (and many other FABULOUS books and authors) on Amy’s blog “Hope is the Word” and weekly book meme “Read Aloud Thursday”. Here is her review, but also go and check out the rest of her blog! You will find all sorts of bookish inspiration.

Fannie in the Kitchen: The Whole Story from Soup to Nuts of How Fannie Farmer Invented Recipes with Precise Measurements (Anne Schwartz Books)

Fannie in the Kitchen, by Deborah Hopkinson

This is a book about how Fannie Farmer invented the “concept” of recipes – i.e. measuring out ingredients and following a certain order in cooking. She is heralded as the woman who started “modern day cook books”.  It is a little glimpse into history (perfect for homeschooling families) as well as providing a recipe and instructions for pancakes at the back (who doesn’t want to learn how to make pancakes?!). What I like about the story, is that it isn’t just about “how Fannie started her first recipe book”, but it is the story about a little girl, who gets a new sibling.. and how the new sibling’s arrival means a new cook.. who the little girl doesn’t like at all at first – she used to be mother’s helper and now she no longer is being asked to help! The little girl learns to love Fannie and her new family environment. It is therefore also a nice story for annoying about to have another baby – you could use it to discuss with the child how they are feeling about the new arrival and what things they may be worried about (in this case “no longer being the all important helper & best cook in the house”).

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