Egg Decorating: Dalek Easter Egg


With Red Ted doing Batman Easter Eggs, Robins, Baddies and Yodas. I could resist making a Dalek Easter Egg for Red Ted’s Teacher who LOVES Dr Who.

Dalek Easter Egg

I am *quite* happy with it. This is actually my second as broke the first. Liked the first a little better… Sod’s law!

  1. I blew out the eggs (check out the egg craft video for a clever “technique)
  2. Painted it silver (it needed two coats)
  3. Used Sharpies to add the design
  4. Then with a pin made holes for the dalek “thingies” (this is when I broke the first egg!)
  5. Hot – glued in some broken toothpicks
  6. Hot – glued some beads
  7. Painted the toothpicks silver
  8. Hot glued it on a piece of card so it can stand

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Happy Easter Everyone!