Emotions Snowman – fun SEL resources for kids

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It is wonderful to see an increased focus on SEL resources available. SEL – Social Emotional Learning should be core to any school and homeschool curriculum.

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Learning Resources

This is why we have teamed up with the fabulous people at Learning Resources, to bring you this super cute and free Emotions Snowman Printable!! It is a colouring page AND SEL resource in one. Allowing for mindfulness time, as well as lots of opportunities to discuss and express feelings. Just fabulous.

Emotions Snowman - SEL Resources for Kids
Explore the emotions with this adorable SEL Snowman resource! First shared in Nov 2019

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It is getting colder again and the leaves start to fall. Are you also waiting for the first snow to build a snowman? We’ve got this cute snowman here for you to colour. And did you see he can show emotions? Can you help him explain what he feels? Maybe you feel other emotions that this cute snowman could learn from you?

Emotions Snowman - SEL Resources for Kids
Create your own funny snowman faces and discuss emotions together

What are SEL resources? What a SEL activities?

SEL stands for Social Emotional Learning and is everything to do around emotional intelligence and helping children understand their feelings on the feelings of those around them better. There are 5 SEL Skills that school can focus on…

What are the 5 SEL Skills?

Teaching resources and activities tend to focus on the following 5 SEL Skills:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Skills
  • Responsible Decision-Making

Our emotions snowman his here to support the understanding of feelings better – recognising facial queues and how they help identify how we feel. It is a simple, but hopefully FUN and interactive SEL resources for either younger children learning about every day feelings or older children that struggle to connect facial expressions with feelings. OR are unable to communicate how they feel to their teachers and carers.

To make your Emotions Snowman, you will need:

  • printable (it is free),
  • paper,
  • pencil & coloring pens,
  • scissors to cut out the flaps,
  • glue to glue on the flaps.

How to make your own emotional snowman:

Emotions Snowman - SEL Resources for Kids
Have some mindfulness time as you colour your SEL Snowman resource

Start off by colouring in the snowman and its surroundings. Can you spot the little bunny?

Emotions Snowman - SEL Resources for Kids
How are you feeling today?

Now it is time to help your snowman show its feelings! Then head over to the next template and colour in snowman’s faces. Can you tell what the snowman feels in each of the flaps?

Why do you think it feels sad or silly? Maybe it is pulling a face at the bunny?! Or is worried the snow will disappear?

Emotions Snowman - SEL Resources for Kids
Lots of opportunity to express yourself and your feelings too!

I am sure you have many other feelings. Why don’t you show the snowman some of yours. Draw in some of your favourites or not so favourites into the empty flaps.

Emotions Snowman - SEL Resources for Kids
Practice fine motor skills with this simple cutting activity

All that is left is to cut out the flaps, bend the little corner of the flap and glue it in the indicated place on the colouring page.

We hope you will enjoy colouring this snowman and bringing it to life with emotions. Do never feel afraid to speak about how you feel! We all feel and so often it is very hard to let others know how we feel. Often all we need is a hug! Go find yourself one now! ^_^

Emotions Snowman - SEL Resources for Kids
Happy Snowman!

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