5 Cutest Paper Plate Christmas Crafts for kids you HAVE to make!

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Oh we do love to get Christmas Crafty. I heart crafty things, especially CHRISTMAS crafts!! We have so many themes for you to explore.. but if on today’s agenda you have Paper Plate Christmas Crafts, check out our Top 5 crafts for you today. Each one is unique and different to anything you will find on the big wide web or even pinterest.. ha. Enjoy!!!

Paper plate christmas crafts

What can I make with a Paper Plate for Christmas?

We have so many great crafts for you to make from paper plates. Today will be looking at:

The only thing I am “missing” at the moment for you in this Christmas Craft collection is a Paper Plate Santa! Having said that, my Paper Plate Elf Party Hats can EASILY be made as Santa Hats – simply replace the elf trim with cotton wool buds and makea white pom pom (or stick another cotton wool bud on top! EASY!). Or hop over to the link paper plate elf faces and again adapt the colours for Santa and add a Santa’s beard. Job done!

The Christmas Wreath shared is a lovely Wintery one – so you can keep up right through to January, but I do give you pointers as to how to switch out the colours and make it more Christmas festive if you want.

I think you will particularl love our Paper Plate Trees – they are fantastic way to decorate large spaces and would look particularly good in the classroom! But of course and also been made during a crafty morning at home with Mom or Dad!

Our Top Paper Plate Crafts for Christmas

You will find that our top favourite paper plate Christmas crafts need NO fancy craft supplies. We really do like to keep things easy, simple and accessible. Great for making crafting with kids affordable but also a bit more eco friendly and sustainable. Especially when crafting in the classroom or younger kids! It is amazing what you can do with a paper plate, some brown, red or green paint and some bits of red paper etc..

Anyway, enough waffle, lets take a look at these sweet Christmas crafts!

1. 3d Paper Plate Angel Toppers

3d paper plate angel toppers

Learn how to cut a paper plate into this super simple 3d Paper Plate Angel shape. No glue required (unless you choose to add a little extra decorations like we have. A super simple and almost classic Paper Plate Christmas Craft you have to make. These little angels, would make fantastic paper plate Christmas Tree toppers too, don’t you think?

2. Paper Plate Reindeer Purse

Paper Plate Rudolph Purse

If your kids don’t squeal with delight when they see this cutest of cute Paper Plate Reindeer Purse, I don’t know what will make them happy this Christmas. It is just too cute and so so easy to make. Fill with Christmas Treats, take on Christmas shopping or simply hang it on your door handle and admire it all afternoon. Now go and see how quick and easy it is yo make this paper plate Rudolph for Christmas!

3. Paper Plate Christmas Tree Twirlers

Christmas Tree Twirler

This 3d Paper Plate Christmas Tree craft, has been a LONG standing favourite crafts for kids to make at Christmas. It makes the perfect little paper plate decoration for either the home or the classroom and you can embellish and decorate it as much as you want!

4. Easy Paper Plate Elf Party Hats

elf party hats diy

Elf yourself and the kids, with these super duper cute and easy Paper Plate Elf Hats! Nothing quite like a homemade party hat for Christmas parties and celebrations. These are so fun and easy to make.. and would be great in both the home or the classroom. We also show you hwo to make a quick “Hand Pom pom”, but you can of course glue on shop bought pom poms if you wish. Though we painted these paper plates (we do love a bit of paint), you can simplify this paper plate party hat diy, by either using coloured plates to begin with (and embellishing it with construction paper or cardstock) OR using marker pens to colour and decorate the hat. The result would look a little different, but just as cute I am sure! And I appreciate that not everyone has time and space for paints! So no mess options available too!

Whilst on the top of paper plate elves.. if you are after some adorable Paper Plate Elf Faces to craft.. check out Arty Crafy Kids for kids!

5. Paper Plate Christmas Wreath

Sharing both our yarn wrapped wreaths here – eventhough one of them is clearly a paper plate Easter Wreath.. and the other a lovely Winter Wreath.. but simply to show how this super simple yarn wrapped wreath can be adapated quickly and easily for Christmas Crafting… obviously, the Penguin wreath works perfectly for Christmas as is.. but you could easily make a green yarn wrapped wreath and add some pom pom holly berries and green paper holly leaves… if you wanted to switch up the colour scheme a little!

6. Plastic Plate Snow Globes

personalised snow globe

Oh and a “sneaky” extra Christmas Paper Plate activity – I say “Paper plate” but it is actually a clear plastic plate.. so it is a cheeky extra.. but you COULD make it with paper plates too.. just it wouldn’t have the confetti effect: the Plastic Plate Snow Globe! Love the addition of the kids’ photos. So cute!

How do I make a paper plate snowman?

snowman paper plate

Ok.. so I explained how you can make the “missing” paper plate santa in this collection.. but what about a Paper Plate snowman? I love the Snowman that Housing a Forest made using paper plates and shredded paper. It looks so effective AND is eco friendly too… combine paper plates, white glue and shredded paper to make this oh so cute craft!

Been inspired by the simplicity of the supplies used to make these Christmas Crafts? Maybe you will then also LOVE our Toilet Paper Roll Craft collection – so many cute ideas for Christmas here too:

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