Toilet Roll Fairy House Craft

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Well, we have been going fairy and pixies mad in our house! The Christmas Pixies have arrived and are causing their daily magic. The kids are exciting to wake up each day and see where they have gone or if they have written another little note. To celebrate our love for Pixies and elves, we made another Fairy House craft (Remember our Juice Carton Fairy Houses? Well, I think we are starting to build a small village!!)!

Fairy House Craft for Kids to make

Fairy House Crafts Materials:

  • TP Rolls (or Kitchen Rolls cut in half)
  • Paint (or wrap your cardboard tubes in pretty wrapping paper)
  • Felt for roof, door and windows (optional)
  • PVA glue or glue gun or you can sew the edge too
  • Glitter glue (optional)

Fairy House Craft What We Did:

Fairy House Craft from TP Rolls

1) The kids painted the loo rolls.. I love Red Ted’s “innovative” painting technique.. and yes, he did get a green arm. But it was fun.

Fairy House Craft for Kids

2) We let them dry. Then I used a plate to help draw out 1/3 of a circle for each roof. 1/3 of a circle will give you a long pointy roof. If you want it flatter, use a smaller plate and half a circle

3) We glued the edge of the felt to make the roof and then stuck it on. I used a hot glue gun for this, as it is quicker. A good PVA glue will do the trick too. Or you could quickly sew one each (great way to practice sewing with the kids).

4) I then helped the kid with doors and windows – cutting out more felt for them to stick on. We used glitter glue on the windows to add the frames and the kids wanted the doors to “open” so we cut those out too.

Fairy Houses and Elves

And done. I then made them some mini elves, as per our Pipe Cleaner Elves from a while back, using a small chenille pipe cleaner and pony beads.