Fairy House Treat Cups

A big welcome to the gorgeous Erin from Royal Baloo today. Who shares with us an adorable paper cup DIY for Valentines (or plastic cup, depending on what you can get hold of). Not only are these adorable little DIY Fairy Houses (too cute), but they make for a fantastic Valentine Day Treat too! Isn’t it just the cutest? The kids will **adore them**. In the meantime, we have a great set of other 31 Days of Love guest posts… Valentine DecorationsValentines Newspaper Garland, Valentine Craft Ideas for Preschoolers, Valentine Day Treats, and Valentine Cards for Kids too!

Magic is real. Magic is the ability of our imagination to transport us to worlds that don’t exist. I believe in magic and I love to instill a wonder of magic in my children. Even if we don’t truly believe in it, exploring our imaginations is always worth the time.

Cute Valentines Treats - Fairy House

Years ago I heard about fairy doors. They’re typically just little doors that are mysteriously placed in random places. Kids are told that’ how the fairies enter our world. Some people write letters or leave treats and others just let the doors be. Since then I’ve thought about fairy doors quite a lot. Such a simple concept for magic and imagination.

So I wanted to make fairy houses. Fairies, of course, are quite small and need very little houses. The perfect size for a fairy house would be a small cup.

We gathered the cups and some crafty supplies for our fairy houses. Heart stickers, candy (for the inside) and twizzlers for the door frame, cardstock and a toothpick for the mailbox, and some tissue paper. Of course, you can decorate your houses however you please! I fear that fairies are too picky.

Fairy House Treat Box Valentines

Do make sure to fill the house with treats so the fairies will know to visit.

Valentines Fairy House Treats

You can flip up the tissue paper or let it lay flat. You can even cut it right around the bottom of the cup so it doesn’t stick out at all! Add stickers and other decorations (fairies like glitter but they also understand that some parents do not allow glitter, or so I’ve been told). Ribbon, gems, paints – Use whatever is handy! Since it’s valentines day, we thought hearts were perfect.

We used pull and peel Twizzlers to make the door and a large Hersheys Kiss for the roof.

Fairy house treats

If you need a little mailbox (and you do, trust me) you can fashion one from cardstock and a tooth pick! Cut out a long rectangle of cardstock, probably about 7 cm. Make a crease about 2 cm in from the side. Flip the other end over the make a half circle and make a crease on the far end as well. Using a hot glue gun, glue the sides together to form the mailbox.

Cut a small hole in the bottom and hot glue the tooth pick in place. Make sure there is space to leave a letter!

Fairy House post box

Glue the mailbox to the side of your house. Write tiny little letters and leave them in the mailbox! Maybe you’ll find a fairy who enjoys correspondence.

Fairy House Treats Valentines

Erin is a homeschooling mom who writes about her journeys and shares fun and hands on educational materials at RoyalBaloo.com. Follow her on Pinterest for inspiration!

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Enjoy your DIY Fairy Houses Cup Treats!!!

DIY Fairy House Treats for Valentines