Father’s Day Medal for Preschoolers

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Today’s Preschooler Father’s Day Activity is a super sweet keepsake Father’s Day Gift – make dad this brilliant photo cardboard medal!! A guest post by the fabulous Little Button Diaries!

Preschooler showing their father's day medal craft with child's photo!

Cardboard Medal for Father’s Day

Every Dad deserves a medal on Father’s Day and this simple cardboard one is quick and easy to make with little ones. The best part is, it’s got a hidden surprise message inside the medal!

To make your cardboard medal for dad you will need

  • A4 piece of cardboard
  • Ribbon (approx. 1m)
  • Star stickers
  • Craft glue
  • Large and medium sized jar lids
  • Gold paint or paint stick
  • Small rectangular scrap of yellow felt
  • A5 piece of yellow card
  • Printed out photo (same size as smaller jar lid)
  • Scrap of red card

How to make a medal for Father’s Day (with photo)

  1. Begin by drawing around your two jam jar lids onto the cardboard and cut them out. Paint both sides of the circles in gold and leave to dry. 
Two cardboard circles to make medal base
  • Stick half of the small rectangle of felt on one side of the smaller cardboard circle and the other half of the felt onto the larger circle to create a door effect with the smaller circle.
Lift the flap attachement for cardboard medal to hold a photo
  • Decorate the front of the medal with a number one cut from card and star stickers.
Decorated Cardboard medal for dad with photo
  • Draw around your smaller jar lid onto yellow card and write a Father’s Day message on it. Cut this out and stick it on the back of the smaller cardboard circle on the medal. Use the smaller lid to draw around your photo and stick this on the inside of the medal on the other side to the writing.
  • To finish, glue your ribbon onto the back.
Child holding Father's Day Medal with photo
Final Father's Day medal made by preschool

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