You Are Out of This World – Father’s Day Craft

Our Father’s Day Crafts for kids continue. Here is a gorgeously Arty Father’s Day Project for kids brought to you by Oh Creative Day.

I love the recycled aspect of making your own watercolours and the magical theme of “out of this world”. A perfect craft for father’s day for preschoolers AND older kids!

Water colour art project for Father's Day using home made water colour paints!

Father’s Day Art Project with Watercolours!

Design a planet for Dad this Father’s Day and let him know that you think he is out of this world.

This project is not only personalised, but makes use of all those markers that have been left to dry out because people keep forgetting to replace the lids. Or does that just happen at my place?!

Out of this World DIY Watercolours – MATERIALS NEEDED

  • Dried-out markers
  • Jars
  • Water
  • Paper
  • Salt
  • Hole punch
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Beads
  • Washi tape

How to make your own Water Colours for your Father’s Day Project

How to make your own water colours from felt tip pens
  1. Gather all your dried- up markers. Group them according to colour. Place each group into jars with a few tablespoons of water. The more water, the more diluted your colours will be. Leave your markers to soak for a few days. Once the colour has drained out of your markers, you have watercolour paint!

Making your Out of This World Dad Art

Homemade watercolour painting circles for the Father's Day Art Project
  1. Trace circles onto paper. We used watercolour paper and it soaks up the colour nicely. You can use any kind of paper but results will vary. Once you have your circles (or planets) drawn then experiment with painting them. It’s fun to watch how the colours run together. Allow your planets to dry.
    OPTIONAL: You may like to sprinkle your paintings with some salt and watch how the salt absorbs some of the watercolours. Leave your paintings to dry and then brush away the salt to reveal a cool, speckled design.
Father's Day Art Project - Out of this world Planets with Pipecleaners and Beads
  1. Cut out your planets. You might like to use some coloured paper to add some rings to your planets. We used washi tape to add some colourful detail.
  2. Punch a hole through the top of your planet. Thread beads onto a pipe cleaner and then string pipe cleaner through the hole. Your planet is now ready to dangle!

You could give Dad one of these dangly planets to hang from the rear view mirror in his car. It could be used as a bookmark. Or you could glue your planets to the front of some cardboard to make a Father’s Day card.

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