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Druzy Necklace How To

I am fascinated with druzy jewelry.  I almost prefer the uneven, organic geometry of the quartz covered rocks to a perfectly cut gem.  (Notice I said almost, if you would like to send any extra precious gems my way, I will happily accept them).  For those who are unfamiliar with druzy, picture a colorful, sparkling natural stone – kind of like nature’s glitter.

Since so many women300-200-header-with-tagline_thumb like to receive something sparkly on Valentine’s Day, I decided to make my own faux druzy pendants from clay and flake glitter.  I made my own faux geode necklace last year using similar materials, so I figured I could give druzy a shot as well.  The results are appropriately glitzy and colorful.  Plus, they are fun and satisfying to make.


To make your own faux druzy pendants, you will need:

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I started by adding polymer with this silicone bezel mold, and baking the mold in the oven for half an hour.  If you would rather skip this step, you can find jewelry bezels at the craft store for a few dollars.


When my clay bezels were baked, I pushed a head pin through the top of the clay while it was still warm, and let the clay cool.  For some bezels, I ran the headpin front to back, and others back to front.  It’s up to you!


After the clay was cool to the touch, I added a small layer of Dimensional Magic inside of the bezel.  I love this stuff; it is so fun to work with and gives great results.


Before the Dimensional Magic dried, I sprinkled on some flake glitter in color similar to that of my clay.  I found this flake glitter in the nail aisle of my dollar store.  It comes in packages which contain eight tiny vials of different colored flake glitter.  When you have used up the glitter in a vial, save the vial to make a sentimental Message in a Bottle necklace!

Druzy Necklace How To

I layered more Dimensional Magic over that glitter, filling the bezel to the top.


Finally, I sprinkled even more flake glitter over that layer of Dimensional Magic.  The glitter pile up over the surface of the bezel in a kind of glittering heap.  I left the pendant on a flat surface to dry for several hours before shaking any excess glitter off.  It was at this point that I sanded off any rough spots on the clay as well.

Next, I used jewelry pliers to bend the head pin into a bail so that I could hang the pendant from a necklace.


I made several pretty pendants in one afternoon.  I think the pendants would make sweet Valentine’s gifts for friends and family, maybe paired with a nice bottle of wine in a DIY duct tape wine tote.





Thanks so much, Maggy, for inviting me to share this fun tutorial today!

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