Felt Ornaments for Christmas: Robin

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A few weeks ago, I got together with some friends to make some little Felt Ornaments – we decided on these cute little Birds (easily converted into Robins, I think?!) that I had seen in a DoCrafts Magazine. It was a great opportunity to chat, have a glass of wine and get some of our “sewing” skills working again. This one of many of our Christmas Ornament DIYs for you to browse here on Red Ted Art! This is also a great DIY for Felt Projects that Use Scrap Felt!

Felt Bird Christmas Ornament

To make our felt decorations we used:

For the Robins Ornaments –

  • Brown felt
  • Yellow felt
  • Patterned fabric
  • Embroidery Thread
  • A tiny bit of stuffing

We used – Blanket Stitch and a French Knot

Here is a video showing you how to do Blanket Stitch. It is fiddly at first, but once you get the hang of it, it is such a pretty stitch to do:

And here is a video for French Knots – I taught my friends on the night and they loved it!

1) Simply cut out your shapes (PLEASE MESSAGE ME if you would like me to create a template!).

2) We sewed on the wing with a simple stitch first.

3) Then we started to sew the two brown pieces of felt that make the body together. REMEMBER – to add your ribbon and stitch it in place.

4) The beak is a bit of a fiddle and we placed the yellow piece of “beak felt” between your two pieces of brown felt and did a normal stitch to sew it in place, then continuing with our back stitch once on the other side.

5) Stuff your birdy and finish it off! Done.

Robin Craft - Felt Ornaments

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