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Sooo, yesterday, I was supposed to be working.. you know, do the boring stuff, like a bit of admin, sorting my finances, tidying… and then I got distracted.. by some Champagne corks sitting next to my desk. And as I was thinking about, doing the paperwork, I saw a little red pom pom and oh well, you know, I just HAD To get crafty, right?!?! I made this little cork ornament – a reindeer decoration. And you know the best bit? This little reindeer craft only took 5 minutes! If that. I think it took me longer to find the pipecleaners than it took make. Brilliant little procrastination activity! hehehehe.  So if you and the kids need some Reindeer Ornaments to put on the Christmas tree, this this little Cork Rudolph out! We have many more Christmas Ornament DIYs for you to browse, as well as our special Festive Christmas Cork Craft DIYs too!

Cute little Rudolph Ornament - super quick and easy to make

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To make your 5 minute Reindeer Ornament, you will need:

Quick Chritmas Ornament Reindeer Craft

  • cork
  • googly eyes
  • pva (white) glue
  • red pom pom (or a red button, or red felt or a red bead)
  • brown pipecleaners
  • a little craft wire for hanging

To make your 5 minute Reindeer Ornament:

Cork Crafts - Reindeer Ornaments

1) Glue on your reindeer’s nose and reindeer’s eyes.

Easy Reindeer Ornament Craft

2) Using something “pokey” – I used the tip of my craft wire cutter – make a hole for your antlers. Take care if doing this with children. To make your antlers – cut 2 pieces of brown pipe cleaner approx 3cm in length. Wrap one around the other.. repeat for the second reindeer antler.

3) Pop a bit of PVA glue at the bottom of your pipecleaner and slot into your hole.

Christmas Ornaments - Reindeer Cork Craft

4) Then cut a little craft wire and, as per the reindeer antler, insert it into the top of your cork for hanging. Let your reindeer ornament dry fully before hanging.

This little Reindeer Ornament is SO QUICK to make. I think it would be great for selling at a school fair – as they are relatively cheap and quick to make and rather cute (if I say so myself!).

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homemade ornaments handmade christmas tree ornaments

Plenty of ideas for everyone (and can you tell that we love love love to make Christmas Ornaments? One of my favourite crafty activities of the year!)