Finger Knitting: Simple Mouse Cat Toy Craft

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My kids are BIG TIME into Finger Knitting. They learnt how to finger knit a few months ago and now they can’t stop knit knit knitting away. Finger knitting, though a great way to int

roduce kids to knitting, can be a bit, well uhm.. sausage like. We have made lots and lots of toy scarves with it and one or two finger knitted flowers. So we were looking for other ideas to make out of finger knitting. And watching our cats lay with the the finger knitting the kids made, made us think of these: little finger knitted mice.. a perfect little finger knitted cat toy. The kids do the finger knitting, and I finished them off with a couple of loops for ears and contrasting thread for whiskers…. check out our little “how to video” below.

A fun little R is for Rat finger knitting project!

Mouse Cat Toy Craft - Made from Finger Knitting

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Finger Knitted Cat Toys – Materials:

  • wool in a main colour
  • snippets of left over wool in a contrasting colour
  • scissors

Finger Knitted Cat Toys – How To:

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Aren’t they adorable? Our cats LOVE playing with their little cat toys.. and the best thing is, you can make them in minutes!
Finger Knitted Crafts - Mouse Cat Toy

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