15 Funny Face Ideas #RedNoseDay

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Oh yes, here in the UK it is the “silly season” again — as Comic Relief hurtles towards us, the whole of the UK, is planning what silly antics they can get up to in the name of charity.. to be honest, I all think it is an excuse.. people just want to get silly….. mwhahahahaha. But, hey, if you are having fun being silly AND raising money for charity, then why not??? Right? This year’s Comic Relief theme is all about “Make Your Face Funny for Money“. So…. there are lots of ways you can have a funny face – from the obvious face painting, to beards and funny masks.. We have listed some of our favourite here today. Funny Faces are NOT JUST about face paint, so fear not, there is something for everyone.

funny faces

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So. Funny Faces Face Paint:

Pop Art Face PaintingFor the cool people out there.. why not Pop Art Face Paint. Not only is this pretty cool, but the link provided also shares a fabulous YouTube video with you!

pop art face paintsHere is a simpler version if you don’t fancy been green or yellow for the day!

Kiss me Frog Face Paints Frog PrinceThis possibly, has to be one the cutest Funny Face ideas –Frog Prince – KISS ME! – Face Paint  – totally adorable.. and I so want one of my kids to go for it.


And oh my.. the possibilities if you are bald….

funny face paintingMore Face Paint Ideas here

If face paint is not your thing, that is totally alright, here are some great Funny Faces Masks:

2 Vintage Swimmer Paper Plate Mask Kids Craft

Paper plates are great for masking making.. lots of ideas from Vintages Swimmers to…

simple paper plate masks…simple like these lion and sheep masks – paper plate + hole + decorations.. and off you go.

Or turn an egg carton into a funny….

funny masks crafts…Bunny Noses  and more…


Egg Carton Noses Here!

Or why not make your face funny with a BEARD?

beard craftsGet beared with Ravelry (a great free pattern!)

free crochet beard patternCrochet the Whole Family a Beard (Free Pattern)

paper beard craft

If you don’t knit, sew or crochet, this PAPER BEARD may just be the ticket! Genius.


Printable Twitter Beard (this site has LOTS more printables masks to choose from too)

More Funny Face Ideas:

crazy glasses printableDesign and colour your own crazy glasses!

funny face partyFunny Faces Straws – throw a funny faces party! And see how many photos you can take!

Growing Grass SeedOr make some funny faces like these and sell them after school?!

funny facesDesign your own funny face, with these erasable funny face cards.. over and over and over again…

make your face funny for money

So.. what do you think? Are you inspired to get your FACE FUNNY!! What will YOU be doing to Make Your Face Funny for Money? I would love to see some photos too!