Flower and Leaf Crafts

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20 Flower and Leaves IdeasSummer is such a lovely time of year – finally we get to spend more time outdoors and the trees and flowers around us are in full swing. My kids adore picking flowers (or more like weeds, I don’t let them pick everything) or collecting fallen petals and leaves. We are always careful not to pick flowers that you shouldn’t and I explain to my children that they last longer if you leave them… but still – we come home with the colourful fallen petals, the odd weed (e.g. dandelions) and leaves. So we thought sharing some related flower crafts and leaf crafts would be a nice round up to do for you!

The Flower Craft Ideas and Leaf Craft Ideas Hangout

In chronological order:

1) There is no post associated with my first craft – but just the image shared – Pip Squeak collected some fallen Poppy Flower petals and came home to create her own little dancers, complete with head wear and fans. These won’t keep as we stuck them straight onto the paper. If you wanted a more permanent collage you would need to check out my Flower Pressing post for some top tips first!!

Flower girls

2) Next I share our little leaf tea lights – super simple to make and look wonderful too. Again, check out  Flower Pressing where we made the same but with flowers. Easy peasy.

3) I also talk about our Dandelion Crowns

Flower Crowns

4) Next Kids Chaos shares her Summer Version of our Andy Goldworthy projects. SUPER PRETTY and love that her son took the photos himself!

5) The Imagination Tree comes up trumps with pretty laminated book marks, suncatchers and adorable crown!! Love them! (no post on website yet, please watch the video for info)

6) Zing Zing Tree shares her fantastic flower and leaf mask (no post on website yet, please watch the video for info) as well as some grass creatures (LOVE THESE!)..

7) .. as well as her collages (no post yet, watch the video for info)

8 ) Cyrstal makes adorable flower tile coasters

9) Love the rock messages from Fairy Frog, as well as

10) The simple but adorable Fairy Wands made with lavender (check out these woven lavender wands for a slight more alternative craft for older kids) – (no post on website yet, please watch the video for info)

11) Domestic Goddesque gets creative and thank thing teachers with helicopter see greeting cards. Love how they stand out on the black “chalk board” card – from ballerinas to swimmers to flowers….

12) Here Come the Girls makes and adorable flower craft by turning hers into a photo collage – perfect for scrap bookers – but also as thank you notes or in a frame. So pretty.

13) Me and My Shadow has a great idea and method for making your own WATERCOLOURS from flowers. Genius and well worth a look.

flower craft ideas

In addition we have the following Flower Crafts and Leaf Crafts:

14) Flower play with this “flower soup” from Happy Hooligans

15) Flower prints using the hammer technique

16) Crafting with leaf rubbings and leaf prints – we used them for our Leaf Marionette Birds

17) Leaf crowns – need nothing but LEAVES… again a fun craft for the park!

18) We made simple flower crowns that my preschooler could make for her teddies after a walk in the park

19) As well as Leaf People collages

20) and finally, these are possibly my favourite – Spring flower lolly pops!!! How cool?! And pretty?! 

flower lollies

21) Finally some little and super easy to make flower crowns:

Simple flower crowns