Flower God’s Eye How To DIY

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We have LOVED making God’s Eyes with the kids time and time again. I would say that over the years, we have probably made them at least 4 times….. There is something so pretty about a God’s Eye craft, but it is also a wonderfully tactile and mesmerizing crafting experience – as you get into a weaving pattern. As my kids love making these so much (God’s Eyes are a perfect Summer Camp activity too), I was excited to spot some patterned god’s eyes or flower god’s eyes over on Honestly WTF. It hadn’t really occurred to me to add a weaving pattern to the craft and we were surprised how easy these were to do (once you got your head around the basic principle). When my kids had a go… they got so excited about the different patterns, that they started experimenting and “inventing” their own. Hooray what a result.

So here is an ADAPTATION (I think it is a bit easier) to Honestely WTF’s.

How to Make God's Eye Tutorial - All you need is yarn and sticks for this simple God's Eye Tutorial! This is a fun and easy craft even kids can do! How to make God's Eye style craft with a pretty flower pattern!

So pretty!!!

The kids LOVED having a go – they are 6 and 8yrs and managed really well:

pretty god's eye, this is such a lovely variation on the simple god's eye and easier to learn than you think

Red Ted chose to make his using straws:

Flower God's Eye DIY. These are so so pretty and perfect for summer camp

Before you get started, it really is WORTH having a go at a basic God’s Eye. Once you have the hang of these, you will find the Flower God’s Eye DIY much easier to do. Here is the basic one (if you want step by step photos, take a look at our photo guide to how to make a god’s eye here).

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Flower God's Eye DIY - these are so so pretty and perfect for summer camp

Aren’t they gorgeous? I do hope you have a go at these Pattern God’s Eyes and that you enjoy them as much as we did!