Four Seasons Cut & Paste Dolls Printable

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We LOVE exploring the Four Seasons here on Red Ted Art. It is a wonderful way to talk about nature and time and how things change throughout the year! Today I have a wonderful four seasons doll dress up activity for you. It is a fantastic cut & paste craft, which includes a fun interative four seasons spinner (though you don’t have to use this!).

Four seasons cut & paste craft

As you probably know, we have a variety of paper dolls printables for you to explore. And I think this set makes and adorable addition. I especially think the four seasons spinner is lots of fun!! This is a great cut & paste dolls printable to use all year round.

Supplies needed for this Four SEasons Doll activity:

  • The printables – these are a free resource in my gumroad store, but donations always helpful and welcomed
  • For the spinner: some recycled card, and a split pin
  • Colouring pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick (these dress up dolls are designed as “cut & stick”)

Recommended donation $2. But you can also enter $0 at check out.

full set of printables

How to use this four season cut & paste activity

Make your four season’s spinner

Print out your four seasons spinner. Roughly cut out the spinner and arrow.

Glue these onto some light card (a cereal box is perfect).

Cut out carefully.

Make a small hole in the arrow and the spinner. A hole punch is great for the arrow (you want the arrow to be “loose”, whilst some sharp scissors (adults only) are good for the spinner (the split pin needs to sit securely in this).

Push a split pin through these! Make sure the arrow is “loose” and that you can spin it!

Make your four seasons dolls

Now you can have fun using the spinner to determine which season you want to drecorate your dolls with!

It is a wonderful way to discuss the weather and how to dress appropriately for the different seasons.

Remember: only colour in and cut out the pieces of clothing that you want to use. Or print out extra paper dolls to dress!

This is designed as a cut & paste activity – so you will only be dressing your doll once!


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