Art Projects for Father’s Day


Time to get Arty for Father’s Day!!! We love making Father’s Day Crafts for Kids, as well as more general Father’s Day Gift Ideas… but creating a piece of Artwork for Dad on Father’s Day (or for Dad’s Birthday) makes a true and wonderful keepsake.

I hope this collection inspires you to get arty!

Collage of art projects for father's day, including printable and kids painting

Father’s Day Art Projects for Kids

One of my favourite Father’s Day projects of all time. These drawings were created by my kids, with a special technique I created with them and helped guide them through. We then photo copied and coloured them in pop up colours. So fun! Check out the detailed Pop Art Father’s Day Project steps here.

Collage of Handprint Pop Art for Father's Day

How about some HAndy Warhol for Dad? You can combine Dad’s handprint with your child to make these cool Handrint Pop Art projects!

A gorgeous guest post showing us how easy it is to make this Father’s Day Dad Rock’s Art (with printables and easy to follow step by step instructions!). Love that this portrait is a “Dad & Me” portrait and not “just” a Dad portrait. Just lovely. And everyone loves rock painting at the moment.. right?!

Presents kids can make

A simple art project for younger kids –  my kids love getting the paints out.. buy some super inexpensive frames (or cut some from cardboard) and get the kids to decorate. I always recommend choosing just two primary colours, to avoid everything going a bit brown! Love how the two frames are quite different.. Red Ted loves to precise, whilst his sister loves to mix!!

Similary, young children will enjoy the arty process of making lovely collage photo frames.

You are out of this world! Love the process of making your water colours for this one too!

Fun Newspaper Art for Father’s Day. Make these personalised cactus with the handy Father’s Day templates!

This is a wonderful Art Project post by Art Projects for Kids, exploring Oil Pastel. It reminded me of a Pop Up set of hearts we had in our Valentine’s Day series awhile back and thought a combination of the two would be perfect!

Or why not have a go at making a portrait of dad! It may look intimidating at first, but Deep Space Sparkle has a great set o detail instructions walking you through the process step by step!

Resist art is always a good one with kids. Love this result from Thriving Home.

Kids’ Father’s Day Projects that have a little help from printables

If working with a bigger group of children, a printable get help guide and steer them. Especially when it comes to Art projects! Here are our favourite. They form a part of our bigger Printable Father’s Day resource pack!

Adore this Printable Father’s Day Book from HelloWonderful.

Free Father’s Day Printable from Skip to My Loufollow – make this personalised Father’s Day Picture!

Get Arty for Dad! A super cute drawing prompt by Tot Schoolingfollow. Love it when preschoolers draw and colour!

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