Free Cute Printable Calendar 2023

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Our final fabulous New Year’s Eve Countdown Activity for Kids (though of course you can make these sooner too!) is this fantastic Free Cute Printable Calendar activity. We love DIY Calendar Templates and have design THIS Calendar Template to be “timeless” – but customisable year on year.. so you still have the “correct dates” matched with the “correct days of the week”. So this year you can turn this into a free cute printable calendar 2023! And we will guide you below how to update it to turn it into said 2023 cute printable monthly calendar!! And yes, this cute calendar design was brought to you once again by the gorgeous Hattifant!! We have had so much fun working on all these New Year’s Eve projects with you this year!

Countdown activities for kids
This is a perfect addition to our set of over 24 countdown activity ideas for kids! With lots of easy printables to keep kids busy and have lots of New Year’s fun!

We think that these lovely DIY Calendar Templates make a FANTASTIC gift to give to family in the New Year.. there are lots of ways you can approach this – make one and photo copy for family members, make individual personalised versions, make them EARLY (ie now and in time for Christmas) or make them during those LONG New Year’s Eve hours waiting for Midnight to approach! Whatever works for YOU best!

This DIY Printable Calendar was first published in Dec 2017 but updated annual for your convenience!

Free Cute Printable Calendar 2023 – Materials

I FIND PRINTING ON LIGHT CARD is best for these diy calendars, but paper is fine too!

  • Your Free Cute Printable Calendar below
  • Pens/ pencils/ watercolours/ stickers/ glitter.. whatever grabs your fancy
  • hole punch
  • ribbon (for assembly)

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Choose from a SUNDAY – SATURDAY layout or

a MONDAY – SUNDAY layout

Assembling and customising your DIY Calendar Template

Please note: you don’t HAVE to make your calendar all in one go… you can start off with January/ February and March and then add to it as they ear progresses!

PRINT Your Free Cute Printable Calendar

Yes it really is quite straightforward to use your DIY Calendar Templates.. simply print off a set of these calendars…… enough for each child to make at least one!

Choose between the two versions – either the calendar starting on a Sunday to Saturday.. or a Monday to Sunday!

NUMBERING to turn it into a Calender 2023

WARNING: PLEASE SENSE CHECK the numbers and dates as you go along.. or do this with/ for your kids **just in case** and BEFORE spending ages colouring!!

Begin by adding your number.

The 1.  January 2023 starts on a SUNDAY

So add a 1 into the SUNDAY box.. then number through to 31. If you get to the bottom square and you are at 29 or 30, the remaining date has to go back into square one. This depends on the month and year.

Make “special dates” such a family birthday’s stand out with 3D numbers or bubble numbers.

Remember which weekday you finish on (in this case it is Tuesday 31st January 2023) and then when starting the next Month, move to that DAY of the week – ie the 1st February 2023 will fall on a Wednesdat.

NOTE: As mentioned, in some months, you will have to put the last day back at the top of the page..

Use the “knuckle method” to remember which days have 31 days and which 30. Happy Hooligans has a great article on it for you to read. I still use this method as an adult. And remember February only has 28 days.. unless it is a leap year (the next leap year is 2024 and after that in 2028).

Remember to have FUN with your numbering.. use a combination of “normal” numbers and DOODLE numbers..

Time to GET ARTY

Now the numbering has been completed, it is time to get arty!! Our DIY Calender Template is “pre designed” to give you easy drawing and art prompts to complete. So no one will be “worried” about where to start their drawing and coloring – with plenty of opportunities to also let your creativity shine!

We love adding little details to the “crossed out boxes” – a lady bird in spring.. a snowflake in January…

Binding your Cute Printable Calendar 2023

Now bring all your 12 sheets together.

Hole punch them at the top.

And run a ribbon through for hanging!!!!

When flipping the pages over to the next page.. just poke the top of the ribbon between the “Old Page and the “New One” and it will still hang easily!!

Well done! You have now completed your Cute Calendar for 2023!!! You can be proud of yourself.

Remember these also make great Christmas Gifts for relatives!

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