Fun & Easy 2024 New Year’s Eve Activities to Keep Kids entertained!

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Let’s have some fun with these easy New Year’s Eve Countodwn activities to keep kids of all ages entertained! If you are looking for some New Year’s Eve activities to do at home. Keep you and the kids busy until midnight strikes!

Another year is coming to a close. I can’t believe that New Year’s Eve is JUST around the corner. And as the years pass and my kids get older, they are adamant that they want to stay up until midnight!!!! I can barely keep my eyes open that long, let alone the kids. So to help us along, we have created a super fun and easy New Year’s Eve Countdown for Kids.

Though we focus from 12pm – 12am, you can adapt this to suit your need – you can start at 3pm.. and end at 9pm.. you can do many of these activities on New Year’s Day.. or like us, you can look to do an activity each hour to count down to midnight. The activities are design to be easier and easier (and curcial more hands off from you) as the night progresses. So you can relax and enjoy a glass of bubbly!! Be sure you prin out all the activities before hand!! ENJOY!!!

These New Year’s Activities avoid some of the more traditional activities that we often fall back on such as watching some fab movies, whilst eating too much candy or playing yet another round of charade. Of course those are great activities to come back to… but here are some extras and new New Year’s Eve Activities and New Year’s Crafts for you!

And wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!!

Zero O’Clock – A cheeky first craft

Cheeky “before you get started activity”… we created some super cute little New Year’s Eve Bubble Wands.. we thought these would be a great New Year’s Eve Toddler activity (or maybe for New Year’s Day).. instead of all the loud bangs that come with midnight.. how about some adorable and gentle bubble blowing instead? Real bubbles for grown ups…. and bubble wands for toddlers! A lovely alternative to noisy noisemakers when celebrating with little ones. I am sure you can come up with some fun games relating to bubbles too!

We have a whole set of DIY Party Poppers and Blowers here. Or explore this fabulous set of Firework Crafts too!

12pm Noon – Begin your New Year’s Eve Activities with a Countdown Clock (no balloons to pop, needed! Ha).

COUNTDOWN CLOCKS for New Year’s Eve (Printables)

2023 Countdown Clocks available!

Oh we have something most DELIGHTFUL to start you off.. start your New Year’s Eve Countdown by printing, colouring and assembling (promise it is a super easy assembly) these different variations of Count Down Clocks… you can customise them too, making them even more special…. add your own times and your own activities (or copy out the New Year’s Eve Countdown For Kids ideas we have shared with you here today!).

1pm – Activity 2 – Get New Year’s Eve Decorating

DECORATE For New Year’s Eve

So.. it is still early in the day and it is time to get ready for your New Year’s Eve celebrations. Let’s begin by decorating for the evening. Choose from:

Hattifant has also designed a wonderful sparkly jewel garland for you – review your year with the set of “I am grateful” jewels and look forward to 2018 with the set of “I wish for” printables. Then colour and string them up on the mantel piece. A lovely decoration for the New Year!

2pm – Activity 3 – Time Capsules (though this activity works great for New Year’s Day too!)


We adore Family Time Capsules, they are so easy and so fun.. and you can totally personalise them to suit your family… you can put ANYTHING inside them.. you can use a jar, a tin, or create a little folder that slides into your bookcase for save keeping. Whatever suits you and your family best. It is a great way to discuss TOGETHER what the highs (and lows) of the past year have been… and add some photos, stories and memories.

And ALTERNATIVE version for this would be to have a little jar at home throughout the year – throw in ticket stubs, notes, messages, photos THROUGHOUT the year.. and then review it on New Year’s Eve as a family.

Super fun and a simple way to reflect on the year.

3pm – Activity 4 – Start working on a lovely Arty Calendar


Everyone needs a calendar right? We love this simple wall calendar idea that you start off on New Year’s Eve and add to throughout the year. I made a similar one for my mother once when still at school.. and 30 odd years later she still has it!! Teehee. How lovely. I also love how you can REALLY personalise these DIY Calendar Templates – use bubble writing to “emphasis” special dates in the month (e.g. family birthdays) and go crazy with some doodling detail fun. The kids can also learn about months and the clever “knuckle” technique – which months has 31 days and which has 30….

Have fun with every month and think of something seasonal to add. We added some little penguins in this picture for January, but some fun firework drawings or art would look great too! In the playroom has a fun project to check out like this.

4pm – Activity 5 – Write some Christmas Thank You Cards (they need to get done after all!)

THANK YOU CARDS for New Year’s Eve (Printables and DIY)

New Year’s Eve and the many hours ahead of you, is a great time to catch up on some chores… why not make your chores creative and fun make your own DIY Thank You Cards? Here is a great choice of homemade thank you cards that will delight your friends and family:

5pm – Activity 6 – Get into the PARTY mood and make party hats for yourself and guests

New Year's Eve Countdown for Kids - Count down to Midnight with this fantastic set of hourly activity for kids. Includes many printables to make New Year's Eve planning quick and easy. Love these New year's eve printables for kids #newyearseve #newyearseve2018 #printables #countdown #newyearsevecountdown
These New Year’s Eve hats are updated every year for the coming New Year 🙂

PARTY HATS & CROWNS for New Year’s Eve

Have fun with party hats and party crowns for New Year’s Eve.. as per usual we have a fabulous New Year’s Eve Printable for you – make the ready made ones (stars and watercolours as shown in the picture) or make use of the plain templates and decorate to your hearts content!! We also love making pom poms.. and our party hat pom poms are made JUST USING YOUR FINGERS. Fun!!!!

A simple STAR Headband for New Year’s!

Hattifant also have a fabulous set of Party Crowns to make (be sure to bookmark these for 3 Kings’ Day and future Birthday parties!!)

Get your templates here:

6pm – Activity 7 – A quirky New Year’s Eve Game

Fortune Teller Globes

Teehee… do you believe in Fortune Tellers…? Even if you don’t you can have some great family giggles with this gorgeous Fortune Teller Paper Globe.. ask the globe some special questions for the coming year and see it answer them for you… will you be rich? Will Mummy finally let you have a Puppy? Will you visit a new country?

What question would YOU ask?

Visit Hattifant for your Free Download!

7pm – Activity 8 – we so need some New Year’s Photo Props next!

PHOTO BOOTH for New Year’s Eve (Printables)

Photos Booths are a SUPER FUN way to create some keepsake memories. Remember it is all about FUN and NOT the perfect photo!

These Party Booth printables go SUPER WELL with our earlier Party Hats and Crowns.. and in our eyes you can never have too many Dress up Ideas.. right??? So hopefully you will have already made your hats/ crowns earlier in the evening.. Now it is time to add some additional New Year’s Eve Dress Up ideas… we have two sets.. a simple Print and cut from me and a fabulous print and colour/ design by Hattifant:

8pm – Activity 9 – New Year’s Gifts for Friends, Family and Guests – Cute Crafts


Why not take a moment to make some lovely little gifts for friends once you get back to school? We all love the Christmas Holidays, but it is also wonderful to see your friends again once back at school. Making gifts should be quick and easy.. and we highly recommend a thoughtful bookmark to use with your school books in the New Year… as you know we are GREAT fans of Corner Bookmarks here on Red Ted Art, they are quick and easy to learn to make… and you can design them in which ever way you want.

Alternatively, Hattifant has some GORGEOUS Printable Mitten Bookmarks, which you can add a fun DIY Pom Pom to…

9pm – Activity 10 – Paper Toys for New Years

New Year’s Eve PAPER TOYS

We have two WONDERFUL Paper Toys to make for New Year’s Eve… the first the kids can make themselves – some wonderful joke filled Cootie Catchers.. and the second, they MAY need a little help (feel free to pull the activity forward in the afternoon!!

This New Year’s Quiz is actually based the fabulous New Year’s Eve traditions in the next section. But I wanted to highlight it here too! It comes with a blank cootie catcher version, so you can add your own facts or jokes too! It is amazing what fun you can have with just some pieces of paper!

Make your own set of New Year’s Eve Party Dolls!

10pm – Activity 11 – Quirky New Year’s Traditions from around the World


If you haven’t guessed it already, we ADORE Traditions here on Red Ted Art. It is probably a reason why I love crafting so much with the kids – Christmas is filled with family traditions for us (especially when making DIY Ornaments). New Year’s Eve is no different and a great opportunity to come with your OWN family traditions.. whether it is completing our Countdown Clock above each year, or taking silly Photo Booth photos.. I think you will LOVE hearing about these fun and quirkyNew Years Eve traditions from around the world.

Print them out. Read them to the kids.. and get them to guess which tradition is from which country!!

11pm – Activity 12

About me Mini Book

Make these super fun About Me mini books (just one sheet of paper and NO GLUE!) then fill in all the details. Compare year on year how things have changed.

ALL ABOUT ME Coloring Page for New Year’s Eve (Printables)

We love these “All about me” coloring pages from Skip to My Lou.. this is the third year running that she is doing a lovely updated version and I think they are SUPER FUN!!! Not only are they are great way to reflect on the year, but they also make a brilliant keepsake for you and your kids!! Bring out last year’s “about me” and compare how things have changed. Love it!


Finally: Some New Year’s Eve Party Game Ideas

Now… as no New Year’s Activities article worth it’s salt, doesn’t have a list of fun party games, I wanted to highlight some of the best and most popular New Year’s Eve Party Games to have a go at:

  1. New Year’s Eve Bingo – we love a bit of bingo.. google “New Year’s Eve Bingo Printable” and a host of great website with free templates will pop up. Pick your favourite design.. print and off you go!
  2. Charades – of course things long term famliy classic has a place at any New Year’s Eve Party – have a blast with this fun miming game. Need to refresh on the Charade Rules? Check them out here.
  3. Musical Chairs
  4. Classics such as 20 Questions, 2 truths and a lie and Never Have I Ever

Let me know what your FAVOURITE games are! Would love to hear more.