Get Crafty – Yellow – September 2010

I really do love “this time of the month”, when I see all those wonderful Get Crafty craftiness coming my way and then I get to put it all together in one place! Lovely to see so many inspirational people out there.

Get Crafty is designed to inspire people to “Get Crafty”. Hope you find something lovely to make!

This month I bring you “Yellow” – in order to celebrate the last rays of sunshine and welcome the lovely autumn colours heading our way!

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For a full Get Crafty Schedule click here. Next month’s theme:
Christmas Get Crafty, submit by Tues 28 Sept 2010 – LAST YEAR’S posts MORE than welcomed, this Get Crafty is designed to inspire people to get crafty for Christmas and give them time to think about things they want to get hold off in order to “make”. Would love the crafts to have elements of Christmas incorporated (i.e not “just” making of gifts, but things like little snowmen, stars, snowflakes, trees etc etc. However anything goes!

Get Crafty with Children

Carton Giraffe
My new friend Meni at Calle Un Colinho made me smile twice this Yellow month. First she brought me these wonderfully cute giraffes. And as you know I love giraffes (and, ahem, you will see mine featured in a moment). What I really like about these giraffes, is that you can do these with a range of age groups (and animals for that matter). Get the littlest colouring and the older ones assembling. Something for everyone! Love it. No doubt we will make a little zoo one day! For “secondly” you will have to scroll down to “for children”.
Recycled Sun Cushion & Frame
Maria is yet another fab crafter who I adore, as she is simply brilliant at recycling! I love recycled crafts (as you know..) and here she comes up trumps for this fabulous rainy day craft: bring back the sunshine. I love how she uses fabric glue (No Sew AND No Iron) as well as old socks as a filling! Brilliant.
Now a Schultüte is something that I got when I had my first day at school – it is a Germanic tradition of giving youngsters a bag of sweets to sweeten the first day of school. I have very few young childhood memories, but this is one of them. So when I saw these by Kelly over at Little Wonderdays, I was very chuffed. I was even more impressed by how  the kids decorated cards whilst their mum read them stories about starting school. The finished artwork was then “magic-ed” into Schultüten. Brilliant. Lovely. Such memories! Hurray for Kelly.
Writing book
Writing Book
Cathy at the Nurture Store is always coming up with new and fun ways to assist learning and development. She made this fabulously simple story book with her little girl to encourage her writing skills. I love the result, especially as I am really “into” storytelling and developing your imagination skills, so this little book really helps! Wonderful.
Handprint sunflowers
Handprint Sunflowers
Another fab activity by Cathy – not only has she got a Sunflower club, but she also let’s these awesome flowers inspire her and her girls to make these brilliant hand print sunflowers. Every time I think, surely there is no more handprint craft, someone lovely comes along and brings us something new! Pretty. Lovely. Yellow.
Giraffe Marionettes
Giraffe Marionettes
A while back, Red Ted and I made these Giraffe Marionettes. He did all the painting, I did all the gluing. Teamwork I say! And as they are made from loo rolls, take away chopsticks and a bit of string, they didn’t cost much to make!
Coffee Filter Butterflies
Coffee Filter Butterflies
Funny how Butterflies reappear in Get Crafty regularly! Well they are a beautiful and they do capture children’s imagination. Michelle at A Mommy’s Adventure is one of the key people who inspired me to do my “Book & Craft posts” (story +art = great stART). In one of her more recent stART posts she made these gorgeous Coffee Filter Butterflies. So I was chuffed to see that there were some yellow ones for me to feature here. Aren’t they pretty? Aren’t they lovely? And a BIG THANK YOU to Michelle for her fabulous stART inspiration!
Hide a Bee
Hide A Bee Game
We have all done a bit of rock painting in our time (ahem, see my post earlier this week and featured below). But this takes on a grea new twist: once you have made your stones, play this wonderfully simple game with your toodler: Bee Hide and Seek. Hop over for the rules!!!
Paper Frame
Paper Photo Frames
I love paper craft. It is a simple thin you can do anywhere with any scrap of paper. The only thing is, you need to remember how! So I have done a couple of paper craft posts in the past (a boat) and here a paper frame. Super easy. Super simple. Have a go!
Study of googley Eyes
Study of Googly Eyes
Ok, so we have the clever little bees above. But I wanted to show you our “study of googly eyes“… we painted some stones and then played with the eyes… and look how many different faces you get! So simple. Hours of fun!
Get crafty
get crafty
No Mess Marble Paper
Oh my oh my oh my. Valerie at Frugal Family Fun, really is a genius. I keep marvelling at the latest wonder she comes up with! This one is BRILLIANT. No Mess Marble Paper – how cool is that? I LOVE marble paper for decorating cards or presents or “just like that”, but it can be terribly messy. What I like about Valerie’s approach, is not just that it is “no mess”, but that it is hugely tactile and fun. It is on our “To do list”!!
Cass at (another) Frugal Family made these fabulous trophies with her kid’s. She had recently won something and her children pronounced that winning without a trophy just wasn’t winning.. so they made some. Love it! This could be done as an end of year project to celebrate the school year or as prizes at a party? Love them! So creative.


get crafty

Get Crafty for Children (or with older children)

Tin Can Windsock
Another new favourite of mine is Wabisabi Wanderings. She has such a unique personal style that her crafts really do stand out. She also works with nature and recyclables, which makes her crafts even more appealing! Love it. You must check out her website. Here we have her Tin Can Windsocks (omit the strands and you have beautifully recycled storage containers). My only question is: can I do it as beautifully?!
Sensory box
Yellow Sensory Box
Mari-Ann at Counting Coconuts is yet another friendly crafter with a beautifully unique style. I love the gentleness and beauty her crafting oozes (well it does for me…). In the UK sensory boxes are not a big thing, but in Summer Get Crafty, I came across my first one. Now Mari-Ann made this gorgeous Yellow Sensory box. Her approach to the Summer Get Crafty box is totally different (I love both approaches), which means anyone should be able to find inspiration to make one. I really want to have a go, especially since Pip Squeak is getting curious now. Mari-Ann also comes up with a fabulous Bingo Card game idea and I Spy flash cards, so that Red Ted will enjoy it too. I need to start collecting… lovely!
Hand Puppets
I love hand puppets and am yet to have a go at them… in the meantime Jessica at Running with scissors shows us how to make these little guys. Go have a look and be inspired!
Flower Doll
Flower doll
Flower Doll
Whilst making a Summer Squash soup. The marvellously creative Lesley made this little doll spontaneously! I love spontaneous craft, using what is at your finger tips and by the sound of it, so did her little girl. Check out the soup recipe too!
Cuddle Lion
Cuddle lion
Cuddle Lion
Most children at some point in their lives have a comforter of sort. Ours has a bunny. Some have soothers. In this family at Scraps N’ Things, the lucky children have a super creative mum who made this fabulous cuddle lion. I want on (lion that is).
Tangran Square
Tangran Square
Another blast from my childhood past. Here is Meni’s second entry for Yellow Get Crafty – a Tangran Square. Basically, it is a set of shapes that make up a square, however you can rearrange them in 100s of ways to make other pictures and shapes. It is like 100s of puzzles in one. Meni gives us a template of how to make one. I love them. What I did know, is that there is a circle version too. Woohoo.
Party Invites
Now I know Luschka over at Diary of a First Child has been dying to get crafty for months now and that she has a whole Get Crafty stash! Little K’s first birthday is finally an opportunity to Get Crafty. Aren’t these invites simple adorable? Swing by and check out how!



Get Crafty for Adults (or older Children)

Colour Sample Bookmarks
I love these very simple bookmarks – they look lovely and colourful and they make something useful out of something you would normally throw away! Cute! Fun. Simple. Go for it!
spray paint pillow
spray paint pillow
Spray Paint Pillow
Spray Paint? Spray Paint on a PILLOW? Yes!! Spray paint on a pillow, how very clever and sweet. I didn’t know you could use spray paint on fabric. How clever is that? Really worth a look. Just think of all the different things you could try out. Fab!!
Canvas Fashion
canvas Fashion
Canvas Fashion
I love these canvases, not only are they effective and colourful but they are recycled! They are very simple to make. Take a look at Crafting Really Awesome Things and be inspired to create your own art!
Jar lanterns
Jar Lanterns
I love seasonal crafts – it just makes different times of the year so special. These lanterns were originally made for Christmas, but suggestions are made for Halloween and how to reuse the jars. I think they would look lovely outside in the long summer evenings too! Go check them out at Mess-hall to Bistro.
brass lamp revamp
Brass Lamp Revamp
This beautifully yellow lamp really quote my eye – well it IS Yellow Get Crafty after all. But I do like bright and bold pieces of furniture. This to me is almost like a piece of art. It looks so effective. Billie Monster shows us how.
Butterlfy pillow
Butterfly Pillow
I know we have a pillow in this Get Crafty already, but I love butterflies and I love this pillow. Looking at how it was made, I think you could hand sew this without TOO much work. Hop over to Ruffles and Stuffs and have a go. I think it would look lovely in the living room or a bedroom.. Maybe Pip Squeak will get one on day for her room!



Get Crafty – Oooooh

Pencil Cookies
In preparation for Going Back To School, Lisa at Moore Minutes, made these adorable pencil cookies. Now what sulking or sad child would complain about some of these in their lunch pack to cheer them up?!
I love craftiness in the kitchen. Make things so much more fun for children. And how cute are these after school snacks? They would look fabulous at a birthday party too! Take a closer look here.
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