How to… make a "Himmel oder Hölle" Spiel (Paper Fortune Teller or a Paper Puppet)

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As you all know, I love simple paper crafts that you can do anywhere with any type of paper.

I am also Austrian, so have here a simple paper game that is often played by children in “German speaking countries” – known in Austria and Germany as “Himmel oder Hölle” or in Switzerland as Schnipp Schnapp, it is easy and fun. English Wikipedia explains it here and also has a “drawn step by step guide”. I remember making these and spending hours decorating them or messing around on the school playground with them…

Basically, the game allows you tell a friend’s fortune – the basics being “will you go to Heaven or Hell” – a bit morbid, I know. But you can embellish and write your own fortunes as the friends select different tabs within the game. But you can also modify it for story telling or to make a little paper puppet. See the second video.

I have done two videos:

1) to show you How to make a Himmel oder Hölle and

2) to show you How to play with your Himmel oder Hölle!

How to make a Himmel oder Hölle

How to play Himmel oder Hölle

Hope you have some fun!

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