Gifts Kids Can Make: Hama Bead Keyring Owls

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So, we are coming to the end of our school year and I wanted Red Ted to make some small gifts for some of his “extra curricular” teachers. He has some lovely teachers, doing extra classes such as a writing workshop and “multi sports” with him and he loves the classes sooooo much. I thought it would be great for him to make them a small gift – something that doesn’t take him too long to make (as he needs to make four), that I know he enjoys doing (as he has to make four!! And is likely to want to keep them, this make 6-7!) and that the teachers would actually like too. I asked my Teacher Readers on FB their thoughts and they came up with great comments and suggestions – one of these was some “trolley coin hama bead keyrings”…. fabulous, Red Ted LOVES Hama Beads ad Trolley Coins are so handy! Perfect.  As our school has “bird names” for each of the classes, we thought bird Hama Beads – such as Owls and Penguins would be perfect. I spotted this Owl Hama Bead pattern and thought it was perfect. Red Ted then invented some Penguin Hama Beads and I created a Puffin (ish??) pattern, as Red Ted’s class are the Puffins! Here they are:

Owl Crafts - Hama Bead Keyrings

Perler Bead Keyring Owls – Materials:

  • Hama Beads (also known as Perler Beads or Melty Beads)
  • A hexagon and star shaped hama bead tray
  • Keyring (I found a set of trolley coin key rings on ebay)
  • Iron & Baking Paper
  • We also used a little bit of wire to attach the owls etc to the key ring (optional)

1) I made a couple of bird hame bead patterns myself first – I find that that often helps th kids “visualise” what we are making and sparks off different ideas. With them. When choosing your design, pick something that isn’t too big (they keyring needs to fit in your pocket) and also that hasn’t too many “standing out bits”, that could break off.

Hame Bead Owls Keyring Craft

2) Get beading. I love that Red Ted Made his own Penguin pattern, so cute.

Owl Hama Beads Gifts

The owl as per LaRaLil’s blog

Hama Bead Birds - Puffin - Keyring

My attempt at a Puffin (we were low on black beads)

3) Iron your perler beads REALLY well on both sides. As these are going to be on a keyring, you want them to be REALLY secure and not fall apart.

Hama Bead Birds Owl Penguin Puffin

As predicted, we had to make extra for Red Ted’s book bag!Hame Bead Gift Ideas - Owl Keyring

I think these key rings would make a great gift for Father’s Day or Mother’s Day too.. or for an Auntie at Christmas.. just adapt and find a design to suit the person the children are giving too!

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