Kids craft ideas from Pinterest

With the summer officially here and long days to fill up with fun rapidly approaching, it is always a good idea to have some craft ideas for kids handy.

Making crafts and being creative does not require any special talent or settings – it’s all about quality family-time and having fun with your little ones. Whether they want to make something to give to their nan or granddad living in a McCarthy and Stone apartment or just want to find a way to decorate their home, there are plenty of great ideas for them to try.

Here are some great ideas for you to try – straight from Pinterest.

Tin can windsocks

A great option for the summer season, all you need to make these colourful decorations are some old cans (washed and emptied), paint, decorations and streamers or ribbons.


The Wilson World

Although it might be a little late to decorate these for England in the World Cup, there are plenty of other designs and themes you can consider.

Fork fireworks painting

For something a little easier to arrange with younger kids, why not get them to paint interesting firework patterns using nothing more than a fork?


 Sassy Dealz via Pinterest

The effect is really stunning and you can let them experiment with different colours, glitter and other decorations to give each picture its own unique spin.

Shaped bird feeders

To give your kids a practical task to complete, why not get them to make beautiful hanging bird feeders in interesting shapes such as hearts or stars?


Inner Child Learning via Pinterest

These will look great hung outside your property and will attract plenty of local birds – you and the kids could even enjoy a spot of bird-watching as a follow-up activity.

Getting crafty with your kids is great for their development

A study conducted by researchers at The Open University and Oxford University – ‘An Economic Analysis of Child Development and Happiness’ – revealed that child happiness, as reported by their parents, was linked to how frequently the children were engaged in activities such as reading, storytelling, shopping, painting and arts and crafts.

This means that getting them to try any of the activities above could be good for their development and you can find plenty of other great ideas on websites such as the BBC´s CBeebies or Activity Village. The fact that these craft ideas don’t require big budgets is another advantage and means you can fill the summer holiday with lots of beneficial activities that won’t ruin your bank balance!


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