Gifts that Kids Can Make: Notebook Decoupage

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We are always looking for gifts that kids can make – so that the children can give personalised gifts to grandparents, uncles, aunties and friends… I have to warn you though… with my 4 and 6 year old, that usually means we need to make twice as many gifts as needed, so that they can keep one themselves!! Yep, we make and they keep! Ha. At least it means that they enjoyed the craft. Which brings me to our gift idea today: decoupage notebooks! We bought cheap notebooks and transformed them.

Gifts kids can make - decoupage notebooks

Decoupage Notebook Materials:

  • Decoupage Glue or water down PVA (we used this decoupage glue)
  • Inexpensive notbooks (we found 4 for a £1 at the poundstore)
  • THIN magazines (such as gardening magazines), comics or pretty decoupage paper (we LOVE LOVE LOVE Hobbycrafts decoupage paper)

Decoupage Notebooks How To:

decoupage crafts notebooks

1) Get the kids cutting out or snipping up their paper. It is best to use thin paper, else you final result will be quite bulky. You can use tissue paper too, though be careful not to scunch it up and add more layers.

Decoupage with kids - notebooks

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2) Then start glueing – add a layer of your glue, then gently place your paper on top and with your brush smooth it down. Keep layering until you are done.

decoupage pencils

3) Whilst the kids where doing their notebooks, I had a go at making them some pencils. I have tried this before with wrapping paper, which did NOT work, as it is too thick. But I thought it looks quite pretty/ effective with the thinner decoupage paper.  What do you think?

Let dry and you are done.

Decoupage Notebooks - gifts kids can make

You can add little details – such as using a shaped hole punch (butterflies here) and add some details on the inside page.

Of course you can be more adventurous with your decoupage notebooks (it depends on what age group you are working with), for example, you could use two patterns, and decoupage a heart onto the middle of one note book?