GoCustomized Gift Idea

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by GoCustomized

A few weeks ago the lovely people from GoCustomized contacted me to see if I fancied, well, customizing some of our techy accessories. You can get anything customised from Personalised phone case to iPad covers. They have a wide selection of different covers to suit different phones and iPads, as well as other accessories such as phone card holders and even blue tooth speakers! I was tempted to have a go at the make your own phone case, but then thought it would be more fun to customise our “family ipad”, so we could all enjoy it together! Though I customised the FAMILY iPad, I do think these would make fantastic gifts for dad or gifts for mum come Father’s Day/ Mother’s Day/ Birthdays or Christmas. I mean, who doesn’t love a family picture or pet picture as a cover?

The prep

The hardest bit was choosing WHAT to get printed. So many happy photo memories from our holidays, as well as special occasions. In the end, we went for a Cartoon Family Portrait that we had done 2 years ago – it features the whole family PLUS our two cats and now deceased hamster (sniff). So it seemed a fitting tribute. Also it is super bright and colourful and just what we love here at Red Ted Art.

Placing your GoCustomized Order

Ordering the iPad cover was ridiculously easy. I think it took less than five minutes. And a confirmation email was in my inbox. I ordered a clear protective back whilst at it too!

I love how they send you an email, not only confirming the other, but with this cool little video –

I amused myself watching their little production video…. it is a fun video to watch with the kids! Any opportunity for an educational moment.

GoCustomized Production Process from GoCustomized on Vimeo.The Order

Product Delivery

To my surprise the product was delivered 48hrs later. Now how is that for customer service.. so quick!!! And doesn’t it look fabulous?

As in their packing!

Red Ted is particularly excited by the new cover!

It has a soft underside to protect the screen and easily clips onto the ipad with a magnet

And you can also make the ipad stand up with the cover. Fabulous!

Love it! A big thank you to GoCustomized for sending us this fabulous little gift. We are a very happy Red Ted Art Family!!

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