Granny Square Bag Patterns

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With Crochet becoming more and more popular (yay!), you can see crochet fashion accessories popping up on the high street too. I have seen Granny Square Jumpers and Granny Square Bags or Tote Bags available in store.. but there is nothing more satisfying when you can make the same item yourself.. right?

beginners granny square bag patterns

So though I crochet, knitting, has actually always been “my strength”. So I needed a little help with how to put the granny squares together into a cute tote bag. As I was searching for free Granny Square Bag patterns… I was in fact looking with Granny Square Bag assembly methods. I thought it would be useful to share with you what I found, as I am guessing I am not the only one who needs a little helping hand!!

A quick reminder – that most online crochet websites, do need to earn a living. Though I have shared all the free Granny Square Bag Patterns here today – please don’t get put off by the ads on these (and my!!) website, as it is these ads, that keep the sites running and the creators crafting! I noticed that a few, have “pay for” pdfs, I will put a note with each shared pattern, where this is available. This makes it not only easy for you to print and make, ad-free, but also helps the creator!

Top Tip for making a Granny Square Crochet Bag

Personally, I think it is REALLY important to check your crochet hook vs yarn size. The yarn weight is really important for getting a nice finished look. Don’t go “big” on your hook, with relatively thin yarn. It will simply make your bag look raggedy and maybe even “pull” quite a bit when you fill it with things!

I think using thin yarn with a large hook (e.g. regular knitting yarn with a 4 to 4.5mm hook) is a common “mistake” made by beginners, who want to “crochet less” by making their crochet loops bigger. It just doesn’t look as nice.

If in doubt, get thicker yarn…. cotton yarn is great too, as it is stiffer and holds its shape better, but often results in a smaller square.

Do read the instructions carefully and follow guidance on yarn type, gauge and hook size for your crochet Granny Square bag!

Joining Granny Squares to make a Bag

As mentioned, it was the “joining of” that I was mostly after with our Granny square bag.. I noticed that there are two main ways to join granny squares to make a bag

  1. Joining them as squares or
  2. as diamonds.

Once you have understood the two different methods and the best ways to join them (using a joining seam or simply sewing them together with a yarn needle), you can then make these gorgeous Granny Square Bags in any colour and design.. and it is easy to switch out any “traditional granny square” panels with more detailed or intermediary granny squares!

So.. onto today’s free crochet bag patterns!

What size bag should a beginner make?

I would certainly err on the side of caution and start small! We have some two panel Granny Square Bag patterns here as well as the larger tote bag designs. I find, that Granny Square bags “look so easy” – well it is just a bunch of Granny Square’s, right? But actually, it can take quite a while to make 10+ Granny Squares… let alone join them all up! So start small and once you feel more confident, go for a bigger design!

Free Granny Square Tote Bag Patterns

I have spent some time looking for free patterns for you. I hope you like these granny square tote bags shared today.

Simplest of all Granny Square Bags & Joins

Let’s start off super simple. And the simplest of all bags, uses two Granny’s Squares, joined with single crochet. This is the absolute best place for beginners to start, especially when crocheting with children (and shorter attention spans. It is a great a YouTube video by Bianca’s Crochet Palace with very clear instructions. It also shares very clearly how to join to squares to make a simple purse! (The joining starts art 26min or so if you want to skip the granny square part).

single granny square bag

Two Panel Granny Square Bag

The same thinking applies to this super cute “single Granny Square Bag” from Heather Corrinne. I liked this pattern, as I was after “learning how to connect squares to make a bag” nicely. So this has a slightly thicker strap that I prefer. So the assembly and finish where key to me. Though, if you like the bag, you can also learn some new stitch designs too. This has a PDF available.

crochet cross body bag

Or go one step further… with Crochet 365 Knit Too who also shares this simple sunflower Granny Square Cross Body Bag pattern. I like this one, as it looks a little more “solid” and has thicker straps etc. However they are connected using some metal craft rings. Ad-Free PDF pattern available.

granny square tote

Four Panel Granny Square Bag

Feeling more ambious.. here is the next size up. It takes 4 Granny Squares for the front and one large one for the bag. This is actually a free pattern available from Realm Designs via Love Crafts, it does require an email sign up! I like this little bag, as it is a great “beginner’s bag” to have a go at. You won’t get too overwhelmed by the “number” of pannels needed – as mentioned, it is only 4 for the front and one large plain granny square for the back. So a good one to get beginner crocheters started on. You “join as you”, by making a smaller granny square and joining squares as you add the 4th round! Free PDF available, though email sign up required.

Larger Granny Square Tote Bags

So if you are feeling confident and you are ready to make “many” Granny Square Panels to later join, you are ready for this section!

granny square

Brianna on Ravelry – this pattern is actually free to download too! So a great one to try out. Though the granny squares themselves are probably more intermediate patterns. You can use the basic assembly with any granny square. Free PDF available.

granny square bag pattern

Crafted by Cat – this one has great step by step photos. I think it is one of my favourite online free granny square bag patterns – as it offers all the info I need, relatively quickly and easily without having to figure out extra steps (e.g. finding a joining method) or having to click to different parts of the website/ subscribe.

granny square tote bag purse

Crochet by Carolyn. This comes in two parts – the info sharing your basic granny square craft here and how to seam the granny square (with video tutorial) here. PDF Pattern available for a small fee.

Crochet 365 And Knit Too feeling more confident? How about this gorgeous sunflower Granny Square Tote Bag? Simply beautiful. Ad-free printable PDF pattern available.

granny square crochet purse

Make & Do Crew – this is a lovely little pattern and the blog post is pretty “simple” – ie at the last step, it does “leave you to” find your own joining stitch. But it does highlight how simple making a granny square bag really is.. once you have found your confidence!

daisy granny square

Crochet 365 Knit Too shares these cute Daisy Granny Square bag. The blog post is a little confusing at first.. as you do have to visit a further 4 pages to acces the pattern. But it is so cute, I think it is totally worth it. Also.. it means you can make ANY granny square you wish.. then use the remaining 3 blog posts (joining, handle and assembly) to bring it all together. Paid for ad-free pdf available.

Patricia Fentie – this one is handy, as it comes with Video tutorials – which I think is often v helpful to beginners, who are not quite sure how to join squares!

granny square bag

Joy of Motion Crochet – SUBSCRIPTION required to access online pattern. Or ad-free pdf pattern available at a small fee. It is similar to the 2 x 2 crochet bag shared earlier, in that you join as you go, by adding the final round later.

new granny square pattern

Now you found your confidence, I thought I would add a couple of intermediary crochet bag designs. A Crocheted Simplicity this uses a flat slip stitch seam which comes with a video tutorial. PDF Pattern on Etsy

crochet boho bag free pattern

And finally check out The Make And Do Crew for this gorgeous Boho Crochet Bag!

I hope you found some inspiration today and that you have a go at some of these crochet bags for beginners and intermediaries.

As you know, we have lots of fabulous crochet resources here on Red Ted Art, including a Beginner’s Guide to Crochet, as well as our Free Crochet Patterns:

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